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Went out shopping today and I saw the coolest thing to help with my writing lol found it I think I should of got it


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Being a kid

When I was a kid fun was playing
When I was a kid every day counts
When I was a kid I could play allday and still play in my sleep
When I was a kid sweets was the best
When I was a kid I could not wait to be an adult

Now I’m an adult I dream of playing
Now I’m an adult I need to nap after breakfast
Now I’m an adult every day I’m older
Now I’m an adult I can’t eat as many sweets
Now I’m an adult all I want to be is a kid again

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day 1 pt1

Chapter one 
Day one 

Jake pike was 30 years old and a simple man who loved his wife and worked as a sales man for an electrical company , he alway dreamed of having his  honeymoon in the Bahamas so when he asked his wife to marry him she already knew where the honeymoon would be .  
Alice pike was 28 loved life and her husband , she worked at the local primary school where she was a secretary she loved her job 
it has been 17 hours since there plane crashed in the ocean and they have been taken by the tides to the shore of an desert island they had been at sea for a few hours an extremely tired as the waves wash them further up the shore 
Jake is the first to sit up and look at there surrounding he looks left then right and as he is looking he shouts out
” al , al , where are you, baby are you ok ” just up the shore he can see some movement ” al is that you ” he try’s to stand but he is so exhausted that his legs keep buckling ” al I’m coming , just stay still I’m coming ” he doesn’t give up he keeps trying till he gets to his feet as he takes his first few steps it was like a toddler stumbling . As he gets more confident he starts to run ” baby can you hear me ” . 
he gets closer and can hear her voice ” jake is that you , baby I can’t see you,  I can’t move ” hearing this jake is now running as fast as he can as he reaches the pile of suit cases he starts throwing off her ” baby , baby ” as he lift up the last suitcase he can see her ” baby are you ok ” al reply ” yeah what happened ”  jake takes al’s hand and places a kiss on her forehead ” I don’t know , the fasten seatbelt sign went on and then the plane shock and all I can remember is a bag came out the overhead and hit me and then I woke up in the ocean ” .
Al looks at the cut on his head and as she sits up al looks round ” where are we ” jake looks ” I don’t know I have-not seen anyone  from the plane do you think ” jake looks down at his feet ” that we are the only survivors” . The couple look up and down the shore but all they can see are washed up suitcases that are moving with every wave as each wave crashes on the white sandy beach . 
As the couple rest they both say ” we should go through the washed up luggage to see what we can find ” so as jake gets up he notices a cut on al’s leg “babe do you know you have a cut on your leg , do you know how that happened ” as she looks at her leg She shrugs her shoulder ” no maybe it was from the suitcases as I washed up ” so jake put out his hand helping al up to her feet , she was a bit more sturdy when she got up as she had rested longer “are you ok to walk ” jake said . Al took her first step on the island her foot sank into the soft white sand that starting to glisten as the sun came over the horizon ” wow look at that sun rise it’s beautiful ” the sun got higher in the sky and the couple looked at the shoreline . There was palm trees for as far as they could see ” ok well let’s see what we can find in all this ” so they started to collect as many suitcases as they could .
While they did this al looked out over the sea and saw something in the about 20 meters out ” what is that ” she said jake looked out to sea ” I don’t know ” so he stops what he is doing and walks out to the edge of the crystal clear waters and takes a long hard look ” I think it’s someone ” jake jumps in to the sea and swims out as he get closer he shouts out ” are you ok ” there is no reply , he reaches out to it ” it’s a person ” he grabs a hold just user the persons arms “it’s ok I got you ” as he is swimming back al starts to swim out to jake , the couple drag the person up onto the shore “are they alive ” jake roll him onto his back “its a man ” they check to see if he is breathing but nothing and his lips are blue ” I think he is dead ” as they stand back and look at the body al says ” we should bury him ” Jake nods ” yes wonder who he was and we should check to see if he has any Thing to show who he is so when we get rescued we have an idea who he is “

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To Pam on your birthday

Pam on your birthday

It’s your birthday but knowing your not hear only sadden me
It’s your birthday but knowing that when we put our hands on our hearts you home
We feel your warming love everyday and your joy fills us
It’s your birthday and today we will celibate it as if you were here
We will raise a glass of your favourite tipple
We will laugh and smile with every memory you have given us
We will cry thinking that your life has touched so many
We feel you all around and on this day we will feel you more as it’s your birthday
We know that where you are , you are with loved ones and you will be looking down upon us
It’s your birthday we will have cake , and you will have yours
Now your not with us your birthday and life will be celebrated with the love and caring it deserves
We will see you blow out the candles as we wish you love and happiness
We will look at our hearts knowing that you will always be in there , close to us
May you hold our hands and whisper soft words as we will whisper some to you
May you know that when we close our eyes , there you are smiling back
It your birthday but we won’t be able to give you a gift but you have already given us the gift of you and that gift will forever keep giving
In our dreams you can visit and we will share with you our memory’s that we have made for you
You were there for us , now it’s time for you celebrate
We love you so much and miss you always
We will keep a part of you with us
Now celebrate beautiful lady it’s your birthday

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Snow on a winters day

Snow is on the horizon , the clouds are moving like little balls of cotton bouncing in the wind
The snow is falling , silent and graceful clinging to the trees but soft to the touch
The snow is falling all around getting deeper and deeper with out a sound. It looks like a white blanket but not warming you up , it’s cold to the touch but won’t stay long in your clutch
The snow bring joy to all that will play , the angels have come out , you can see where they lay
The tinker of feet puts prints in the snow you can see where they are going and where they have been.
Playing snow wars is fun when you playing in team , we will flank to the left throwing snowballs as we go these games are fun for all
For some like to watch the snow as it lays through windows and doors for which are double glazed
Watching the snow from the comfort of home with warm finger and warm toes
We like creature comforts , not a runny nose , watch the snow with a nice hot cup of joe
Hot chocolate in a big mug with cream and biscuits , the snow keeps on falling , and as the sunlight it goes , the street lamps come on the snow covers all , from trees to foot prints even the home all is covered in a white majestic snow glow
As darkness it fall the snow has not let up , people stop playing and go in for the night
Warm in there homes with warm fingers and warm toes , in front of the fire where the embers they glow.
The fire is burning we all sit around toasting our marshmallow , we are warm in our homes but the snow keeps on falling where the clouds go
As the sun has set and nature is woke out comes the foxes playing where ever they go , jumping and bouncing , they are like kids as they play , chasing each other catching snow on there fur
We watch as they play through window and doors not going out but looking forward to more
Now bed time has come dreaming of snow as we sleep it will be cold in our dreams but warm in bed cloths
Now all are tucked in and sleep in there beds dreaming of dreams all warm in there beds

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A Simple obsession my first manuscript

As I’m am working on my first manuscript this is just a sneak peek at what it’s about

A simple obsession 

This is a story about a newly married couple who’s honeymoon is cut short when there plane goes down and they are the only survivors .
How there fight for survival on a desert island and how there love for each other forms the basis for the obsession to survive but with next to no mean or way off the island how will they live and feed themselves as food slowly dwindles
The island can only lead to the couples growing love for each other and there lust and powerful attraction as they only have each other on the island

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My new book

I’m using this blog to promote my up and coming books that I’m writing , from the title of the blog it’s going to be called a simple obsession . I also have a group on face book that I will be updating and I am also writing some poetry as well my poetry is getting a some attention all has been well received and I would like to share with the world what my mind has been creating in the form of written word so I hope to get some more inspiration from people’s thoughts and my own feelings