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Snow on a winters day

Snow is on the horizon , the clouds are moving like little balls of cotton bouncing in the wind
The snow is falling , silent and graceful clinging to the trees but soft to the touch
The snow is falling all around getting deeper and deeper with out a sound. It looks like a white blanket but not warming you up , it’s cold to the touch but won’t stay long in your clutch
The snow bring joy to all that will play , the angels have come out , you can see where they lay
The tinker of feet puts prints in the snow you can see where they are going and where they have been.
Playing snow wars is fun when you playing in team , we will flank to the left throwing snowballs as we go these games are fun for all
For some like to watch the snow as it lays through windows and doors for which are double glazed
Watching the snow from the comfort of home with warm finger and warm toes
We like creature comforts , not a runny nose , watch the snow with a nice hot cup of joe
Hot chocolate in a big mug with cream and biscuits , the snow keeps on falling , and as the sunlight it goes , the street lamps come on the snow covers all , from trees to foot prints even the home all is covered in a white majestic snow glow
As darkness it fall the snow has not let up , people stop playing and go in for the night
Warm in there homes with warm fingers and warm toes , in front of the fire where the embers they glow.
The fire is burning we all sit around toasting our marshmallow , we are warm in our homes but the snow keeps on falling where the clouds go
As the sun has set and nature is woke out comes the foxes playing where ever they go , jumping and bouncing , they are like kids as they play , chasing each other catching snow on there fur
We watch as they play through window and doors not going out but looking forward to more
Now bed time has come dreaming of snow as we sleep it will be cold in our dreams but warm in bed cloths
Now all are tucked in and sleep in there beds dreaming of dreams all warm in there beds


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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