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To Pam on your birthday

Pam on your birthday

It’s your birthday but knowing your not hear only sadden me
It’s your birthday but knowing that when we put our hands on our hearts you home
We feel your warming love everyday and your joy fills us
It’s your birthday and today we will celibate it as if you were here
We will raise a glass of your favourite tipple
We will laugh and smile with every memory you have given us
We will cry thinking that your life has touched so many
We feel you all around and on this day we will feel you more as it’s your birthday
We know that where you are , you are with loved ones and you will be looking down upon us
It’s your birthday we will have cake , and you will have yours
Now your not with us your birthday and life will be celebrated with the love and caring it deserves
We will see you blow out the candles as we wish you love and happiness
We will look at our hearts knowing that you will always be in there , close to us
May you hold our hands and whisper soft words as we will whisper some to you
May you know that when we close our eyes , there you are smiling back
It your birthday but we won’t be able to give you a gift but you have already given us the gift of you and that gift will forever keep giving
In our dreams you can visit and we will share with you our memory’s that we have made for you
You were there for us , now it’s time for you celebrate
We love you so much and miss you always
We will keep a part of you with us
Now celebrate beautiful lady it’s your birthday



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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