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day 1 pt2

Al turns to jake ” we really should see if there is food in the suitcases ” they both leave the body and walk away the fight for survival must begin ” we don’t know just how long we will be here so yes we do need to start looking ” They grab the suitcases and try to pry them apart it takes a lot of effort but they hope that there should be some food in it that the other passenger may of brought . As the first suitcase opens all the cloths fall over the sand and al starts rummaging through it ” come on I need chocolate “. 
Jake finally open another one “have you found anything yet ” as he pulls out all the cloths “no not yet ” they continued to do this till most of the suitcases were open ” ok let’s see what we have found ” as the couple look at all the things they have found it made them laugh “ok well we have 3 cans of coke , quite a lot of chocolate for you al and few Tins of something , a can opener a few knifes and well I don’t know why women would bring these on holiday with then but 3 dildos and a load of toothbrushes and toothpaste and washing things , we will have to be sparing with all this as we don’t know when we will get rescued of this island .
Jake looks up at the sky and there is not a cloud in sight and then looks at the pile of suitcases and thinks to himself ” if we use the cases to make a sign so that anything that flys over would see it ” . They stand up and look at the suitcases “if I do the sign you can make a shelter ” al says , jake looks at the tree line and you can see that he is thinking about all the years he was in the boy scouts jake turns to al and says ” ok you do that and I will be a scout and try to remember how to do this ” jake walks over to al and places o soft kiss on her lips ” what’s that for ” al says with a big smile on her face ” I’m just so happy that your safe baby I could not go on if something was to happen to you , and I’m glad we get to survive together ” 
Jake looks at the lining of the suitcases and thinks I can use this for the shelter so he starts pulling it out of a few of them and then makes his way to the tree line ” I love you baby ” al looks at jake with a smile and replies ” I love you too ” as they set to there jobs jake cant help but think about how can they survive and are the rescuers looking for them and do they know the plane went down .
 Jake started to collect as many branches and big palm leaves as he could ” I can do this just remember what we did in scouts got to make it like a tent but with leaves I can do this ” ,jake finds two trees and starts on the structure he places a big branch between the two trees and lashes it in to place and then starts to form the sides , whilst he is doing this he can’t help but think about all the memory’s of when he was a kid building bases in the woods with his friends . It now seem like he is in he’s own element as the shelter starts to take shape
Al Is placing the suitcases In the sand trying to make it look like something she don’t have enough to put s.o.s so she is trying to make a shape that will be noticed from the sky ” I hope it can get seen” . As al is doing her sign she is making sure that she can see where jake is , although they may be the only ones on the island it was just a security thing that she has always done
Jake is loving making the shelter he already has one side taking shape as he lays the palm leaves on it to try to keep out any rain and any sunlight as well as he looks over to see how al is doing . She is loving the sun but at the same time she is worried about if they are going to be rescued and when jake is having the same thoughts but he is just more worried about them both and how they will survive and get through all this .as the both are doing what they can , they have lost track of time and now the couple are hungry ” shall we stop and have something to eat” jake said al nodes so the couple sat on the sand with one can of cola to share and and some chocolate , it was nice it it was short lived as al looked sad ,” sorry jake I know it’s our honeymoon , well meant to be and well we are just trying to make a bad situation better ” she looks at jake and smiles at him ” well at least we are together, I love you so much jake ” jake looks at al and places his arms around her and gives her a little squeeze ” I love you too baby ” and as the couple sit in the warming white sand and drink there cola and have some chocolate they cant help but take in the views and look at there new home for the time being . Jake continued doing the shelter and was really coming along now an al was really impressed with how well it was built ” jake have you ever done that before it looks like you have Been building these all your life are you like a big kid at heart ” jake turns to al ” yeah I am do you want to play kiss chase now ” jake laughs .
Jake has most the shelter now built and putting the finishing touches on it laying the palm leaves over the top trying to make it as waterproof as he can . Jake turns to al and asked ” if there was loads of towels that was in the luggage so i could make a sort of bed for us to sleep in” as she goes through the pile of cloths that was taken out the luggage she finds as many towels as she can and carries them over to jake ” here you go I have been through the pile and this is what I have found” then she throws them next to the shelter when they hit the ground she starts walking round the shelter as if she is inspecting it , jake turns to al ” is it up to your standard my lady ” jake says and giggles a bit ” yes its loverly well it’s not the ritz but it’s really good , I can’t believe that you have made this, bet You loved making it didn’t you babe ”
Jake takes the towels and places them on the floor of the shelter but keep the biggest beach towel as a cover , al smiles ” I can’t believe the last 24 hours we have gone from the wedding reception to stranded on an island ” she looks out to the sea , ” I wonder what our family’s are doing and I think we would be phoning them by now just to say that we landed safely”
Jake looks at al ” yeah do you think they know our plane went down ” jake takes al’s hand and looks at his feet she says ” as soon as they know they will send out a search party and they will find us , don’t worry babe at the moment we have each other ” . Jake smiles and puts his arms around her ” well its getting late should we try to get a fire going , did you see a lighter in any of the suitcases ” as they look around on the stuff they salvaged there was 1 lighter “ok well I will go get some wood for the fire ” jake said as he walked towards the tree line .
A few minutes past and jake came back with his arms full of dried wood that he found , he dropped the wood on the sand and looked at the pile of cloths a finds a really bad looking shirt ” it may look bad but it will be good to start the fire ” , jake take the lighter and starts the shirt burning and then drops it on the floor and then looks at the wood and puts a handful of sticks over the burning shirt and turns and find another bad looking piece of clothing and puts it on the fire ” that will keep it going bad cloths make good fires ” as he laughs and picks up another handful of stick and places them on the fire which at this point is starting to burn nicely ” I will go get some more sticks and fire wood could you see if you can open the tins so we might have some dinner baby ” jake asked al
Al takes the tins and shakes one ” I wonder what’s in it ” as she puts the tin opener in the tin and starts opening it she can hear jake whistling in the trees she laughs and as the tin opens and the lid comes off she can see its meatballs in tomato sauce ” I think one tin will do for the minute don’t want to eat all our food in one go ” . Jake comes back with double the amount of wood he had the first time ” this should do the night , in the morning we should bury the body and mark it so that when we get rescued they know where the body is”
As they get the meatballs on the edge of the fire so it can start warming up al looks in the bag with the chocolate in it and was choosing just which one she wanted . Jake was sat looking out to the sea with a deep look of thought as if he have 1001 things flying round his head jake then stands up and says ” in the morning we should try a bit of exploring of the beach to see what there is about and we may find things that have washed up from the crash , there maybe more survivors or people who may need help ” al looks at jake ” ok we will look in the morning , now can you sit back down and save some energy we will need all our strength for tomorrow so let’s have our food and rest please it has been a long day jake ”
As the meatballs heat up and the chocolate is eaten and the cola is drunk the couple can’t help but wonder how long it will be till someone comes and finds them , as time passes and the sun slowly dips the eat there meatballs and lay down in the shelter . The heat from the fire can be felt by them as they lay down there tired bodies ” I don’t want to sleep just incase there is a rescue ship out there looking for us ” jake hold al in his arms ” don’t worry we need to sleep they will be able to see the fire and I guess they will have a helicopter so we would be able to hear it ” al smiles as jake comforts her ” I know your right ”
They hold each other for a few minutes and al falls asleep in jakes arms he can feel her drifting off deeper and deeper and she start twitching as her muscles relax , jake starts thinking about how when they were first dating how they used to stay up as late as they could talking and watching movies both knowing that they were safe in each others arms and that nothing could ever hurt them , as if they were in there own world just the two of them but now on the island it was like someone had burst there bubble and the world was ready to tear them apart but all jake wanted to do was keep al safe and keep them both alive till rescue comes
Jake was so tired but his eyes did not want to rest so he laid in the shelter with al in his arms just listening to the island and the waves crashing on the shore and the crackling of the fire it was just so relaxing . The sun was finally dipping behind the tree line and the sea was coming alive dolphins play in the distance an fireflies started lighting up in the bushes it was almost like a post card but now they were in the picture and there was no one in sight to help them .
Jake places his head on al’s chest and closes his eyes and his mind and all he want to hear is the beating of her heart ” I will keep you safe baby ” he whispers and opens his eyes and sees the the shadows that the fire is making and wonders to himself ” if I didn’t want this honeymoon we wouldn’t be here we would be safe and sound , why did I have to be so adamant about the Bahamas I just wanted it to be perfect
Jake closed his eyes and just wanted to wake up in the morning on the resort in a bed with snorkelling going round his head so as he fell asleep the stars started looking down on them and the moon shines on the couple keeping them safe


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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