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Day 2 pt2

Jake looked at the fire ” I should get some fire wood so it will stay alight till we get back ” ” yeah ok ” . Jake walked into the bushes and cam back a few minutes later with as much wood as he could hold in his arms ” I think this should do ” jake said as he pleases half of it on the fire and gives it a bit of a poke to get the flames going .
Jake turn to al and they both knew what was coming ” ok are we ready , yeah let’s go ” jake just remembered ” oh yeah what about clean cloths ” al laughed ” I sorted some out while you was getting the firewood , can we go now jake ” jake nodded ” yeah let’s go ” . Just like big kids the walked down the beach and before they knew it they was back at the cove , they both stopped to take in the view again it was just as breath taking as it was the first time they saw it , al looked at jake ” shall we ” jake looked at his feet then at al ” yeah come on let’s go exploring ” jake said all excited.
They take each others hands and slowly walk around the cove taking in all the sights , as they look round jake looks at the water , it’s so clear and he notices that there are fish in it , ” look at the size of the fish al they are huge ” al looks where jake is pointing ” oh my god look at the size of that one ” they both look at the fish swimming do peacefully ” wow look at the colours ” , as some of the fish come to the surface for air there colours get brighter and they notice that each fish was was blue with what looks like a a yellow finger down one side ” they are beautiful ”
As they continue walking deeper in to the cove they can hear the birds in the trees ” wow this is perfect , it’s just like what you see in the movies ” al said . Jake looks at the cove ” no it’s better , I can’t help but think if we made it to the resort what would we be doing right now ” , al looks at the palm trees and see the birds ” don’t know but I bet it’s not as beautiful as this ” . As they walk along the cove they see that the river leads back in to the tree line to where it opens up and there is the most beautiful waterfall , it’s not too big maybe about 10 meters high but as the water hits the rock at its base the mist it forms has a beautiful rainbow through it . Al smiles and looks at jake ” oh my god natures shower ” she laughs , jake has a big grin on his face ” shall we go have a look ” the couple walk along the mouth of the river and down the banks of the river the water is so clear you can see every little pebble at the bottom which must be about six foot deep and crystal blue it was just so beautiful but the closer they got to the waterfall the more the air was damp with the mist.
All around them are mini rainbows ” jake do you think the water is drinkable ” he looks at the water ” well there is only one way to find out ” , he kneels on the bank and reaches in to the crystal clear water and cups some in both hands ” here we go ” he brings his hand up to his mouth and takes a sip , he swills the water round his pallet and swallows . The water is cold and so refreshing as it passes down his throat , he can feel the cool water as it settles in his stomach ” its so nice and refreshing you must try it , it’s like nothing I have ever tasted before ” . Al reaches in to the water and cups some and takes a mouthful ” wow that is so good ”
They continued down the river and to the base of the waterfall and under the waterfall there is a pool about 10 meters wide and about the same deep , jake looks at the pool and starts to undo his shirt ” I’m going for a dip in the pool are you coming in to ” al shakes her head ” no sorry I’m going to the waterfall and having a good wash in that ” . Al walked round the pool and stops at the base of the waterfall and looks back at jake , he has unbuttoned his shirt and was taking it off and drops it on a rock bend down and undoes his his suade shoes kicks them off and takes off his socks and places them in his shoes then starts undoing his belt , al can’t take her eyes off him of him with all the most in the air it gives his chest a shimmer , all she want is for this moment to never end but its only just beginning he starts unbuttoning his jeans , at this point al starts bitting her lips and thinks to her self ” I can’t take much more of this , is he teasing me or am I doing it to myself ” . He drops the jeans and takes them off just leaving him in his boxer shorts , al turns away then turns back so jake thinks that she didn’t watch him getting undressed but she knows that she did , ” is it cold babe ” and under her breath she mutters ” god you look like a greek god I could watch you all day long ” . Jake starts walking towards the edge of the water ” I have only just got undressed , you not getting in the waterfall” she smiles at him ” no I was waiting for you ” . Jake places one foot in the water it’s cold but with the sun coming through the trees the water doesn’t feel that cold ” it’s ok baby ” , he keeps walking in to the water with every step al can see that it was cold as his body tenses with every inch it goes up his body , even where al is she can see the goose pimples on bis body ” come on jake jump in ” jake dives in to the water and swims to the surface , when his head breaks the surface all al can think about is how his body has made her feel with all the excitement it has made her very wet ” I must get into the water soon I need to cool off ” she said under her breath, as she reaches the waterfall she can feel the cold mist on her face ” god it’s going to be cold ” .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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