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Day 2 pt1

Day 2

As the sun rises over the horizon the sun kisses the waves and makes the ocean look like it was dancing to its own beat . The sun beams shine thought the makeshift shelter and on to al’s eyes, , the sun is beating down and eventually she has to open them , as she does she turns her head to look and see if jake is there but as here eyes come to focus she notices that he was not there and 101 thoughts went through her head ” what if he is dead or he drowned while I slept
Then she heard a rustling in the bushes behind her , she calls out ” jake ” ” yes ” it was him I can’t believe that he would scare me like that
Jake says ” I went for a quick walk down the beach to see what I could find” al looks at jake ” you scared me half to death ” jake turns round ” sorry ” trying not to laugh al grabs he’s hand ” are you going to tell me what you have found ” jake looks at al ” well if you get up I will show you ” she smiles at him and says ” ok , but I could do with a coffee ” and laughs ” where is the room service ”
It was good to see that with all that has happened al still had her sense of humour . Jake laughs as he helps her to her feet , when she gets up to her feet she puts her hands up in the air as she stretches out the nights sleep . Jake thinks to himself ” even on an island she can make the cutest stretch ” as he laughs to himself . Al turns to jake “before we go can I just nip to the lady’s room ” jake smile ” yeah sure I will wait here just put some more firewood on the fire ” al wonders in to the bushes but keeps jake within eye shoot , she wonders back a few minutes later , al looks at jake and says ” we need a toilet ” jake laughs at her ” I will get that done as soon as I sort out the plumbing , are you ready ” al is feeling like a big kids now ” yes let’s go ”
The sun is now rising and the air temperature I getting warmer ” is it far ” jake takes al’s hand ” no , you will love it ” she smiles , as they reach the bend of the beach jake places his hands over her eyes ” what are you doing ” jake whispers in her ear ” trust me you will love it” jake leads her round the bend .
There is a slight gap in jakes fingers and she can see the beach , at this point al is feeling just like a kid ” are we there yet ” jake looks at her ” wait a second , here we are ” , as he takes his hands away from her eyes the sun was bright and is reflecting off the crisp blue sea . Al’s eyes start to adjust and she starts looking round , she is awestruck by the view ” wow ”
Al looks down the beach and notices that its a cove with beautiful white sand but at the mouth of the cove there is a river running in to the sea , along the shore line there are palm trees all different in size and in the distance there is a lonely snow caped mountain al can’t believe what she is seeing ” wow I can’t believe it , its just like what you see on a postcard . It’s beautiful , do you think the the river is fresh water ” jake shrugged his shoulders ” I didn’t get that far I really wanted you to see this ” , al smiles as if she has just had an idea ” I hope so , I can really do with a wash to get all the sea salt of me ” . Jake nods and replies ” ok shall we go back to the camp , get a few things together and have something to eat and come back later ” . Al smiles at jake ” yeah I’m starving and bet you are too ”
Jake nods and they start walking back it felt like a few minutes and we were back at the shelter and starting to get a few things together . Al ” I will get some things together so I can have a wash , and you can get some food ” she says with excitement in her voice , ” ok , I have found a back pack to put it all in ” once everything was found they pack the backpack with everything that they needed ” what did you find jake ” jake looked up at al ” well I have some chocolate and some beef jerky and a can of cola , what did you get ” al smiled and said ” shampoo and shower gel and a toothbrush and toothpaste and two towels that we didn’t use in the bed “



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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