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Day 2 pt 3

Al starts to undo her dress that she found this morning in the luggage it was white with red roses on it , as she unzipped it jake was watching her from the pool ” I can’t wait to see her in those fall she would be so cold ” he mutters to himself ” what did you say babe ” al shouts to jake ” nothing ” as he laughs under his breath
She can feel him looking at her so she decides to tease him a bit an slowly takes each strap of her shoulder and drops the dress to the floor as it reaches her knees she gives her legs a little wiggle , then kicks it off she is standing next to the falls in just her white lace bra and white knickers ” wow she looks beautiful ” jake said to himself . Al was a size 16 to jake she was the most beautiful creature on the planet but she was self conscious of her body so as she took off her bra she held her breasts in one arm and the other undid the clasp and took down the straps and pulled it off ” are you not getting in ” jake said ” yes I’m just getting ready ” . As she got closer to the falls the mist was cooling her body down and then she reaches out and put one arm in to the falls ” god it freezing how can he stand it ” she thinks ” oh we’ll I will just plunge under it quickly and get used to it quicker , at this point she thrusts her whole body under the falls . The water takes her breath away and she let’s go of her breasts and starts running her finger through her hair she was not facing jake but he knew just what she was thinking as he laughs to himself .
The water was cold but very refreshing on her body and as all thing white are her knickers went see through and jake was loving it the water was running down her chest and over her breasts and as it did it was cold an made her nipple erect al then ran her hands down her body and took of her knickers as they served there purpose and now was just hanging on her hips as the water is slowly pulling them down , so she kicks them off to the side of the waterfall and continues to wash herself
Jake at this point could feel his penis getting harder and harder so he slowly swims over to the rock under the falls and creeps along them , al wasn’t aware that jake was so close to her as she turns around he pulls her into the water and her whole body goes under as her head breaks the surface she gives out a scream and hits him on the arm ” why did you do that ” jake can’t reply as he is laughing so hard he can feel his sides hurting ” why would you do that I could of got hurt ” jake try’s to stop laughing and as he catches his breath he replies ” sorry I could not help myself” . Now the couple are both in the pool and the sun is beating sown on then through the trees and they are both laughing and splashing each other just like kids it was fun . While they were having there fun they could not hear that a wild pig had found its way to the edge of the pool and had taken interest in there clothing it may of been looking for the food that they had in there bag but the pig had tore through the canvas and like nearly all the cloths everything had been torn but they didn’t hear anything as they were splashing too much and once they had got tired of there game they got close to each other but still a bit on edge as they could splash each other at any given moment but as they started co cuddle in each others arms that’s when they hear the squeal of the pig as it has the straps of the bag stuck on its head
They both turn to see the pig thrashing around with there bag stuck on it and jake starts swimming towards the edge of the water and climbs of shouting at the pig but the pig could see him coming towards it at runs off in to the bushes and taking the bag with it
Jake looks at the cloths on the floor and can sees that most of them have big holes in them ” are our cloths ok ” he glances at the cloths and then back at al ” no most of them have holes in” , al looks at jake ” what about mine are they ok ” al walks over to the cloths that she was wearing and holds up her dress and it has been tore to shreds as the pig must of liked what it smelt ” sorry baby it’s ruined but your bra is ok ” he says with a big smile on his face ” what are you smiling at what will I wear ”
Jake looks through all the cloths that was on the floor I will see if there is anything you can wear ” well there is nothing here but a clean pair of knickers that’s it ” al looks at jake ” well I will have to walk back to the shelter in my bra and knickers then ” , she swims up to the bank of the pool and pats her self down with the torn up towel ” ok can you get my bra please ” jake walks over and gets the bra and throws it back as she pulls up the new pair of knickers
Now that they are partly clothed they gather up all the torn cloths and start walking back to the shelter ” if you didn’t pull me in the water our clothes would of been fine ” jake just looks at her ” maybe , but maybe not we will never know ” he says with a smile on his face as they walk back they didn’t talk it was like two kids, she was try to blame him but he was just thinking it would of happened anyway
The silence was killing them they wanted to blame each other but both knew that they could of not done much so jake just buy his lip and said to al ” sorry ” she looks at him ” it’s ok it was no ones fault . It was fun though do you think you could catch a fish from the cove ” jake smiled ” yeah why what you thinking , are you thinking the same as I was that they would make a good meal ” . Al nods ” yeah , how would you catch one ” jake looked just in front of himself , al could see he was thinking.
A few minutes passed and they was both back at the shelter “well that was fun a nice wash and a walk back in just our underwear ” al smiles ” yeah it was , shall we find some clothes ” as they look through the pile of clothes jake look at al ” I have it there is a netting in the suitcases that I could use to catch a fish I will have to use some strong sticks and tie the netting to it but I think it would work ”
Jake finds a pear of jeans and a T-shirt to wear and al is still going through the clothes ” I don’t know what to wear ” jake just looked at al ” what do you mean there is no one her to see you wear anything or just stay in your underwear I don’t mind I could look at that figure all day, your beautiful baby ” . Al smiled at him ” well its getting late shall we open the last few suitcases and see if there is anything good in them ” jake grabbed one of them ” yeah may find some sexy underwear for you ” al just looked at him as to say ” you wish ”
As the couple started hitting the cases with rocks one by one they opened and they sorted through them like it was Christmas presents to see who could open the most , they got to the last one and it would not open so they tried throwing it at the trees and all it seemed to do was dent it but then all of a sudden it sprung open and out fell all the clothes and two packets of cheese puffs and a bottle of wine some paracetamol and a packet of three condoms as well as a few other food items but they were laughing so hard at the condoms ” I wonder who’s this was ” al chuckled ” if they where fruit flavoured I would say they were mine ” jake said with a great big grin on his face “why fruit flavour ” al said with a concussed look on her face ” so you would like to ” al cut him off there ” ok I get it ”
They both laughed for a little while and then sat together by the fire and went through all the food that they had gathered ” well if we ration it it will last a few days ” al said ” not with your sweet tooth I don’t think so ” jake muttered as he turned away . ” ok so tomorrow we will go back to the cove a scout it out some more an see just what we can do because if we can I would like to build a shelter over there so we are not walking so far for water and we will have to bury the body as well”
The sun is getting lower in the sky and the fire is dimming so jake looks at the fire wood and sees that there is not enough to last the night ” I’m going to just get some fire wood while we still have some light can you find some thing for us to eat pleas baby ” jake stood up and turned to the bushes behind them ” wait a minute I will come with you I don’t really want to be left anyone just in case the pig comes and I would not be able to deal with it ”
Jake puts out his hand to al and says ” ok but I’m going to need you to carry some wood back ” . Al stands up next to jake and slaps his bum ” ok come on then let’s get some wood ” jake laughs ” your so dirty ” as they walked towards the bushes . They only went about 40 meters in as they didn’t want to go far as they would have to carry lots of wood back with them . They were never out of eye sight of each other as they picked up dead dried branches of the floor ” how are you doing al ” and there was no reply ” al how are you doing ” he hears a twig break ” yeah I’m done cant carry anymore are you done yet ” she replies ” yeah I think this will do ” they both walks toward each other with there arms full of fire wood ” that will do ” . As they walked back jake had a thought as he walked past a v shaped branch on a tree ” this will do to make a net to catch fish when we go back to the cove ” jake ran to the shelter and drops the fire wood down next to the fire and ran back to get the branch , al just made her way back slowly as she was not in any rush to get back to the shelter as the branches was not to heavy
Now that they are both back and the fire is set up for the night they rummage through the food and find some snack bits that will keep them going till the morning . Al turns to jake ” so what you going to do with that stick ” as jake grabs a suitcase and rips out the inner netting out of it ” you will just have to wait and see” he says . Once they have eaten jake sets to making his net ” do you think it will work jake ” he looks up at her tilts his head ” yeah it will ”
The sun is starting to set and the sea has turned pink to match the sky ” wow look jake , look at that isn’t it beautiful ” he is too occupied with making his net to notice , so he just nods his head ” yeah it’s wonderful ” . He ties the netting to the branch and waves it around ” look I have done it , what do you think ” al just stares at the fire ” yeah it wonderful ” she replies
As the sun just dips under why horizon al lays down and puts her head an jakes lap ” are you tired baby ” she looks up at him ” yeah been a very eventful day ” jake strokes her head ” yes it has you close your eyes and i will watch the sun set . The sky turns a deep rad and the sun vanishes under the a sheet of red and dark blue , jake lays back and looks up at the sky and the first stars start to show them selfs ” it won’t be long and we will get rescued baby , not long at all ” jake closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep in to a dream full sleep.



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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