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Day3 pt1

Day 3

It wasn’t to long that they were asleep and the wind picked up the air was getting heavy as if it was about to rain , then there was a flash as lightning shot across the sky . A few seconds later there was a loud bang as the thunder was playing with the islands inhabitance of creatures . Just after the thunder it was just like the island had just woke up as the bird started chirping and all the other animals started to fight to get heard , there was another flash but this on was brighter and lit up the night sky and then chased over the sea . There was another clap of thunder but this one was louder and woke up al ” what was that ” she said jake wake up I think there is a storm ” jake rolled over and covered his ears. The storm was getting closer and the lightning was getting brighter and brighter ” wake up jake ” jake sat up” whats wrong ” the thunder went off again ” wow that was loud ” the storm was just behind them “ok let’s get in to the shelter , we need to stay dry if we can ” so they got up and walked quite fast to the shelter ” do you think it’s water proof ” jake shrugged his shoulders ” I hope so ” they both layers back down an tried to go back to sleep it seemed like only a few minutes and the the rain came and it was lashing down on the shelter every drop seemed like it was trying to rip it apart the couple slowly drifted back off to sleep as they were so tired . The storm continued in to the night and early morning with every flash of lightning and clap of thunder it was like the gods was having a duel to see who would win , but as the morning approached and the storm was out at see it brought with it a sense of calm and humidity with it .
The air was thick as the sun peered it rays round there side of the globe , the air slowly heated up and with it came a mist but the couple never were to see it as the sun would burn through it in the early hours and heat up the sand . This day looked to be a nice day in paradise . The sun slowly got higher and higher in the sky and bringing with it a pink skyline. As the couple slowly woke up from the night-time slumber that was broken by the storm they looked out to sea to see last night’s storm rolling in the distance . It was a beautiful sight the lightning was wrestling the clouds over the sea. Jake was the first one out of the shelter, as he stood next to the shelter he gave out a big stretch and a yawn
” al you’ve got to come and see this is beautiful” . Al rolled over and looked out to sea ” what is it ” she can see the storm as it goes over the horizon an leaves the island to a pink sky ” do we have to wake up now ” she says , jake looked at her and got back in to the shelter and laid next to her , ” not if you don’t want to ” he places his arms around her and cuddles in to her . They lay there just listening to the wind blowing through the trees and the sound of nature all around them . The over powering knowledge that they were the only ones on the island Spoke to them . It was just like a call of seduction , it was driving there obsession for each other even more so . It might just be the island or that they have not consummated there wedding yet but what ever it is , it’s driving them wild . As jake is holding al he can feel her hips rolling against him , the movement is getting him hard . Al’s can feel it getting harder and larger against her buttocks her breath got deeper and her heart beat started to race and jake could feel it too .
They laid in each others arms exchanging soft kisses , Al started running her hands down his back lightly digging her nails into his skin , it was causing the hair on his arms to stand on end . With every time she would do it it was creating tingles down his spine the touch of her was driving him and his penis was getting harder and harder . Al turned round and laid on her back ” I want you jake, I want you now ”
Her hips was moving with every touch of jakes hands , she could feel herself getting wetter her body craving for his to be next to her and inside her , she was craving for there body’s to be as one . Al sat up and pushed jake on to his back and gives him a kiss on the cheek and then slowly and softly kisses down his neck and down his body lifting up his T-shirt and pulling it over his head and then continues to kiss down his chest to his belly she can see the bulge in his tight jeans , it seemed like with every kiss it was just getting bigger and bigger . If she was to keep this teasing up it would rip through the jeans so she runs her hands down his side and along the belt line in his jeans and undoes the top button on it and the works out the next following down to the last one she opens up the top of his trousers and she can now see the tip of his throbbing member , she knows that it was big but with the island taking its hold on then it looks just much more enticing . As she pulls down his jeans , his breath gets deeper and as the jeans are no longer restricting him and it stand up in a burst of freedom as she takes of his jeans she can’t help but stare at his penis standing there it was drawing her in . She ran her hands up the inside of his thighs , it was just causing more blood to run up it . The head of it was pulsating and every vain down the shaft just looked like muscular rod that would need some wielding . She always like the way that jake would keep his pubes nice and trimmed but in the morning light in the beach and on the island it looks so appealing and she wanted to taste it . Al places her hand on the hard shaft lightly running her hand up and then back down the length of it with every stroke she finds her mouth getting closer to the tip of it , she can feel the heat of all the blood that is running through it , she stops and looks at the tip he was so ready with every stroke his python would bring up a clear liquid . She wants it more and as she gets the tip closer to her lips she lick the end and tastes the clear liquid it was like a pre-sex honey
jake is feeling like he was in heaven , as her lips rap around the end and slide down the shaft she could feel every vain as her teeth gently running down the 10 in shaft of man meat it was just a bit too big for her mouth but she didn’t care there was something in the air that driving there wildness
Jake can’t take any more he sits up and pushed al down on the sand ” it’s my turn now ” . so as he starts kissing al down her neck and over her chest ,he can see her rolling her hips and the movement is hipnotic . He kept kissing her as he unbuttons the white shirt that she found the night before , with every button that can undone she gave out a moan as he got to the last button and the shirt opens it exposes her black laced bra .
Jake runs his hands up the middle of her chest and inbetween her breasts and over her shoulders and pulls down the straps , as he is doing this she sits up and his hands slide round to her back and he holds the clasp to her bra in his hands , he slowly pulls the straps down and off her arms and her beasts could relax and as they did they bounced out of her bra , Jake threw the bra down on the sand next to the shelter , as the sea air blew through the shelter and over the couple it sent chills over then and in turn caused al’s nipple to become hard and erect with all the kissing down her neck and the breeze it was making so wet , she could feel the moisture in her knickers .
Jake put his hands on her waist and tucked his fingers under her knickers and over her trimmed pubic region and he could feel the tip of her lips on his finger tips as he ran his fingers between her lips he could feel just how wet she really is . with every stroke of her moist , tight pussy he could feel her hips starting to roll and she was getting wetter . he could feel the excitment building and his penis was throbing as if it wanted to enter her
Everytime tht his fingers softly stroked over her moist clit he was feeling the twitching of her legs she was getting so excited her juices was now all over his fingers and all over her lips . She was ready for him to enter her but he was’nt done with her just yet , he slowly made his way between her legs and opened them and places one leg on his shoulder and starts kissing down her leg to her knee and then runs his fingers up the inside of her thighs as his fingers reach the top of her leg she lets out a moan . jake really wants her now but in his mind she was not quite ready even though she was and she needed to feel him inside her . so he runs his finger tips over her lips and he could feel the heat rising from her sweet lips , he places his hand just over the top of her pussy and lightly opens her lips up to reveal her clit in all its glory . He wastes no time as he needes to taste her so before she could say ‘ fuck me already ‘ she finds his tongue flicking away at her clit it was sending wave after wave of extacy through her body , the ase of her was so intence he could not get enough of it she was getting wetter and her fanny was just reaching her climax when he places a finger just inside her , it just intencifies her orgasm ten fold ah he is now massaging her g-spot . She could not control her body it has tencing and trembling in his hands ‘ jake your going to make me cum ‘ he looks up at her , she bites her bottom lip and start to thrust her hips . She can not hold it back any more her body needed to release the orgasm that she was holding back for so long . Just as her body was letting loose to the tention that he was making inside her pussy she could not stop it.
‘Jake just fuck me ,i want you deep inside me ‘ at that point she lets out a big scream and her whole body goes stiff and she twitches uncontrollably , it was just like she lost all movement and every muscle in her body started its own dance . She could feel his fingers teasing her g-spot as her orgasm gets stronger she finds that she is now starting to squirt it was something that has never happened before , the clear liquid was spraying over jake but this was just fueling his need for her ,so as she started to take back the control of her body she could feel his body against hers and his rock hard penis against her clit . Al’s clit was still so sensitive from the huge orgasm but his penis slid past and made its way to her soaking wet hole where it just slid in , she can now feel his man meat inside her throbing with every thrust it was pure bliss they were so intuned that they could not even hear the bird singing and the waves crashing on the shore they knew that they where the only ones on the island but at that point they didnt care , all they needed was each other.
Time seemed to stand still for them , to them it was just a matter of hours that there lust had took over . As time passed and the couple had been intertwined and there bodies where moving as one they came over and over .
they both loved the smell of there own juices it just made them want each other more but as the sun was high in the sky the heat was getting to them they were sweating and the smell of sex was thick in the air .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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