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Day 3 pt2

They laid next to each other gazing in to each others eyes ,jake said ‘ i cant believe how much i wanted you , do you think it was the feeling of this might be the end for us or do you think it might be the island doing it to us ‘ . Al looked at jake ‘ i don’t care all i know is that i love you and you love me and thats all we should care about at the moment ‘
Jake got up and walked over to the fire gave it a poke to get the embers to glow in the air and as he does it the fire starts up again so he throws some more wood on to it to keep it going . Al looks at the fire as the wood starts to crakle and snap in the heat and says to jake ‘ do you think we should have a walk to the waterfall and have a wash , and you can try out your man made net ‘ she says with a big grin on her face . Jake replys ‘ yeah i think we should but i do love the smell of you on my skin and the taste of you on my lips , lets get some things together and get some food and go have a wash ‘
As they get some thing together they both know not to take too much just incase the the wild pig comes back for more to distroy so they eat by the fire and then set off . It was only a few minutes that they were walking along the beach when Al looks in to the tree line and sees a few trees with what looks like fruit on it ‘ jake look over ther what do you think they are ‘ .Jake looks at where Al is looking ‘ what are they do you think they are mango’s ‘ . they both walk over to the trees and have a closer look , the sound of the bird is loud and they can see a few of them it the trees . Jake turns to Al and smiles at her ‘ i think its is mango’s ,we should shake the trees and see if we can get any’ .
the couple take a tree each and wrap there arms around it and start to shake , it was only a few seconds and they start to see the fruit falling around them and then they see that it was mango’s but as they look in the the forest they can see more fruit trees .
Jake looks at Al ‘ lets get to the waterfall and have a wash and on our way back we can have a look round the forest and see what we can find’ .Al smiles ‘ok ‘ so they both pick up a mango and eat it as they walk along the beach to the waterfall . The couple seemed to rush washing themselfs as they are both excited about the find of fresh fruit . As soon as they were done they put there cloths on and made there way back along the beach to where they found the fruit
time was passing so fast they knew that the morning was taken by there desires for each other but the afternoon to them it seemed like they were gone for only minutes but it had been hours was this because they were having fun and enjoying them selves . they both knew that they should not be having fun but they had only been married for a few days so it was all new to them , it was almost like they were on there first dates again in that period where they could not keep there hands off each other
It was almost like a game coming along the beach ,little slaps on the bum a shy grope even a little bump and a trip and a shaky kiss and a tease on the sand it was bliss for them . It al came to an end when they reached the trees that was bearing the fruit it was like they were hit with reality and they fell back on the island from cloud 9 ‘ ok Al lets get as much fruit that we can and take it back to the shelter ‘
So they both took a tree and started to shake it and after a few minutes of shaking the fruit came loose and fell all around them , they both had the same idea to take off there tops and fill them with as much fruit as they can , but as they were doing this jake had a weird feeling they was being watched so he stopped and looked round the trees to see just what was making him feel this way , it was almost like a sixth sense had kicked in and took over him to protect al . Jake just thought to himself that it was just his primal senses as they had been on the island now for three days
so as they have finished picking up as much fruit as they can carry in there tops they started there walk back to the shelter but jake could not shake this feeling that was nagging in the back of his head so he stayed alert all the way back not really saying much but kept looking in to the tree line investergating with his eyes ,it was like he was probing into the trees without moving away from his wife’s side
back at the shelter they put the fruit in to a suitcase for safe keeping and sat down next to the fire ‘whats wrong jake all the way back you have not really said much whats wrong ‘ Al said . Jake looked at Al and said ‘ nothing i ‘ he paused for a second and took a deep breath and looked at the ground as if what he was going to say was going to embarace him ‘ i think that when we was getting the fruit something or someone was watching us ‘ . Al smiled at him and placed her hand on his knee and said ‘ don’t worry if there was someone on this island dot you think that we might of seen them by now this fire is a big give away ‘ .Jake looked at Al and nodded at her ‘ yeah i think your right it must of just been the animals in the woods that i might of felt watching us ‘.
They both sat by the fire hand in hand and looking in to the flames not really saying much till Al looked out to the sea and watched the waves ‘ its so peaceful here ‘ .Jake laid on his back and Al got on top of him and lent down and whispered in his ear ‘ don’t worry baby I know that you will protect me and we will get off this island and will laugh at this ‘.
As they laid in there embrace they both felt like theywould not give up but they would do anything to get off this island . Jake looked up into the sky and said ‘ wow where has the time gone, look already the sun is setting ‘. Al sat up and looked at Jake ‘ i dont care as long as we are together there is no time just us ‘ , Jake smiled ‘ well it has been a long day and i will put the rest of the fire wood on the fire and i think we should get some sleep , as i want to try to use my net to catch us some fish in the morning ‘
So they both got up jake put the fire wood on the fire and they both got in to the shelter ,jake placed his hand on Als belly and said ‘ im sorry for getting us in to this mess ,if it wasnt for me we wouldnt be here ‘ . jake looked at Al and she was already asleep so he laid down next to her and closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the forest and the wave and slowly fell into a deep sleep



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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