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A short tale

There once was a young man no older then 21 who could control the elements in his town . The town where he lived was high up on the side of a mountain but the mountain was not like any other mountain that you have seen it was not snow capped like it brothers and sisters it was lush and green . The towns people where the nicest people that you could ever meet . This man called Ervin he was a nice quite man who was loved by all the villager , but one day there was some men climbing up the side of the mountain who had heard of this town and of this boys . When these men reached the village they were not greeted welcomely but where told to leave as the last people to see the village tried to take the man way as they wanted to use his powers to bring down a neighbouring village who they was threatened by . But the men would not leave as they have traveled so far to see the man . The villagers tried not to tell Ervin about these people as he could hurt them with out even knowing

To be continued



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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