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a short tale part 2

the more that the villagers held back the people who wanted to see ervin the more determined they wanted to see him ,but one day ervin found out and as the last people to visit wanted to take him away he got very threatened by them and we walked to the village walls and looked at the tents put up just out side the village walls . ervin wanted to see them but they never ventured out of there tents after two days he became very anxious and he climbed the wall and made a slow walk over to the tents ‘hello is there anyone in there , I want to talk ‘. Then he heard a voice just a second and out of the tent can a man who must of been in his 60s , he had a long grey beard , ‘yes young man and who are you ‘ ervin paused and looked at the man and said ‘ im ervin ,am I the person who you have been looking for ‘ as he looked towards the floor and shuffled his foot . the old man looked at him ‘my dear boy you are but dont be affraid im a scientist and would like to study you remarkable power ,and this is my understudy ‘ the old man pulls open the tent and out cam a young women , she was quite , and didnt like meeting new people ,so meeting ervin was a big thing for her . ervin looked at the women and said ‘ have you ever met someone like me ‘ . she looks at him and shakes her head .To settle her nerves he thinks to himself and then puts his hands on the ground and looks at the women ‘watch this ‘ He closes his eyes and out of the ground came one leaf , she smiles at him .Ervin then places his finger in to the soil and a few more leaves came through and then a stem started to grow towards the sky . The woman starts to laugh and then on the end of the stem a beautiful white lily cam to bloom

to be comtinued



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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