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Day 4 pt 1

The day started much like others the sun was tipping just over the horizon and the air had the smell of morning dew but something was different , something was amiss , jake was the first to stir as the sun started peering through the side of the makeshift shelter . As jake. Begun to stretch he reach out and then he looked over at Al who was still sound asleep , she looked so beautiful with the sun kissing her face but not to her eyes . Jake started rubbing his face , burst that moment he could taste a slight metallic taste , the taste of iron almost but thought nothing of it . He sat himself up and looked out to the sea and thought what a beautiful day . The day was starting so well but he could not shake off the taste out of his mouth , so he looked at his hands and saw they were covered in blood . Jake was in shock in his head he was calling out for Al but no sound was coming out of his mouth , he took a deep breath and the closed his eyes as he opened them again he was wishing he was dreaming but as he looked at his blood soaked hands he realises it was not a dream . So he put his hand out to shake Al , but as he was shaking her she woke up quite abruptly ” jake what is it I was having a really good dream about you in the waterfall ” as she chuckles to herself . Al opens her eyes and looks over at jake , she could see he was in shock ” jake what is it , what is it what’s wrong ” . Jake lifted up his hands , Al looked at him and then looks at his hands ” is that your blood , who’s blood is that , what’s happening why do you have blood on your hands ” .
Jake took another big breath and then the words started coming through the wall of shock that had kept him in silence ” Al I don’t know where it’s from I woke up and it was on my hands, where is it from do you know , I rubbed my face and could taste it , I don’t understand in scared that I hurt you are you ok ” . Al looked at jake and smiled ” I’m fine baby , I’m fine at you ok ” . Jake looked at his hand and looks at Al , ” yeah I’m fine I don’t know where it has come from ” . Jake got up and ran to the shoreline and started washing of his hands , while he was doing this all he was thinking is ” where did this come from , why on my hands am I still dreaming




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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