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Day 4 pt2

Jake was at the shore line for a while muttering to himself while he washes the blood of his hands . Al didn’t know what had just happened she was just thinking ” where had the blood come from it wasn’t jakes and it wasn’t mine and we haven’t seen anyone on the island ” . As the day passed they didn’t talk much , all they did was exchange smiles and the occasional kiss and cuddle but they both knew that they would have to talk about it at some point . It was about midday and they were starting to get hungry when jake turned to Al ” Al are you hungry you haven’t eaten today do you want some mango , I could get some for us ” she looked at him and nodded ” yes I would , but can I come with you I don’t feel right being here by myself ”
Jake and Al set off down the beach to where they saw the mango trees . Here we are shall we get some them , but as they looked at the mango trees the wind picked up and a mist started to form ” ok Al let’s get a few I don’t feel like being in the bushes much ” . As they made there way through the bushes Al kept her eyes on the soft sand , her brain was thinking overtime but she wasn’t letting it dwell on her mind , they must of walked about 30 meters in to the bushes when Al shouted ” jake , jake , come here look at this ” . Jake came running to her “what is is , what did you see “. Al pointed to the tree in front ” how did we not see that yesterday ” as they both walked over to the tree and stuck in to the bark was a crewed arrow ” look round and see if there is any foot prints in the sand or anything else any signs that we are not alone on this island



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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