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Day 4 pt 3

Jake and Al continued looking for a while , but the more they looked the less the saw as there was no sign of anyone else being there on the island with them . ” Al do you think that this might of been here for ages from other people who may have got lost here as well ” . Al nodded as she looked at her feet ” I thought we may have found a sign that someone may of been here and has been rescued from this hell hole ”
As they got back to getting some mangos jake could not shake the feeling that someone might be watching them “Al could we do this quickly I’m feeling a bit unsettled ” . Al looked at jake ” yeah sure babe I’m not feeling that comfortable here too ” . As they started there way back to the shelter they stayed close to each other not really saying much but in the security of each other’s company .
Once they got back to the shelter the fire had nearly gone out ” Al I must get some more firewood or we will be cold tonight , so jake went just inside the brush edge , he didn’t want to leave Al’s sight as today was really hard for them both so as he was gathering fire wood he kept looking over to the shelter. Jake was really on edge with the blood on him this morning to the arrow , jake just wanted to be rescued now so he could just live with Al in peace with the crash just being a bad dream
As jakes arm become full with firewood , he started to make his way back to the shelter he shouted out to Al ” baby I’m here and I have all the firewood we need for tonight are you ok ” . Jake could not hear her ” al are you ok ” , he still can’t hear her . Jake starts running towards the shelter ” Al , Al ” , jake throws the wood down and runs at Al , who is sat in the shelter “Al , are you ok ” , as jake puts his head round the shelter and looks in he sees Al sat there “Al ” she doesn’t move or speak ” Al what’s wrong ” . It was like she could not move or speak , ” Al what’s wrong baby please talk to me your scaring me please baby ” as he throws his arms around her and kisses her face ” please baby tell me ” . At this point jake was really upset and could feel the tears running down his face ” baby it’s me jake , jake your husband baby please what’s wrong ” jake felt so powerless and confused “I was just over there just 20 meters away what did I not see what happened ” . Jake sat with Al for a while staying by her side but she did not move , did not say a thing . As the sun was getting lower in the sky , jake knew that the fire would go out soon but didn’t want to leave Al even if it would be just for a second but he knew that he must , he could see the pile of wood just about 5 meters away . So jake got up and started to move towards the pile of wood and he reached out and picked up a few big branch and turned back to the fire , as he threw them on the fire , when the branches hit the hot embers the sparks shot up into the air , at that point Al took a deep breath and raised her arm and pointed just along the beach to where they were picking the mangos and let out a high pitched scream followed by the tears running down her face as if the was a waterfall coming out her eyes



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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