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Day 4 pt4

Day 4 pt 4

Jake could not believe that state that Al was in she could not stop crying and was trembling like a leaf , jake wrapped his arms around her ” Al what is it baby talk to me please ,please tell me ” . This would continue for a while jake just didn’t know what to do , he was just as scared , if not more as he didn’t know what she had or hadn’t seen while he was getting wood . As Al calmed down and the tears was drying up and the screams had subsided she became more relaxed in jakes arms
” Al I love you baby , if you don’t want to talk now it’s ok but please give me a sign that your ok please ”
Al placed her arms around him ” baby I want to get off the island ” , jake smiled at her and gave her a big cuddle as if he had not seen her in a while ” we will get off the island I will do all in my power to get us to safety ”
In that moment Al felt so much better , it was the words that she needed as comfort for her soft ears and mind . Al turn to jake ” jake I’m so sorry I was so scared , all I want to do is get off this island so we can live our life’s ” . Jake placed his hand on Al’s face and softly stroked her cheek ” baby I won’t let anyone hurt you ” . Al smile and looks up at the sky ” jake I don’t think we are alone on this island I think there are natives here to ” . Jake has a confused looked on his face ” what do you mean baby I don’t understand ” Al grabs jakes hands ” please listen to me I know I’m scared and hungry but we are not alone here , today while you was getting the fire wood I saw something on the beach where we was collecting the mangos ”
Jake sat up and looked over to where the clearing was . He places one hand over his eyes to block out the suns glair , as he looks over Al continues to tell him.
” well I know you was only gone for a couple of minutes but it was like it was watching us and as soon as you had gone I could hear something walking through the bushes and it was waiting just in the tree line ” . Jake could tell that Al was shaking as she was telling him ” you don’t have to ,if you don’t want to ” she looks at him ” I know but I must tell you what I saw ” . Jake looked towards the beach ” ok Al but if you want to stop do I know you couldn’t help earlier but I don’t want to go through that again ”
So as Al looked over the beach she took in a deep breath it was so deep that jake could tell that this meant a lot to tell him ” jake as you turned your back there was a voice that came out the bushes I could not make out what it was saying , I closed my eyes and then the voice stop and I opened my eye and I saw a face come out the trees and it was looking at me , it would not turn away then the person walked out the trees and stood on the beach . I think it was male and he raised his hand and pulled of what I thought was a mask but as I looked carefully I could see it was the face of one of the passengers on the plane , as he held the face down by his side , he reached round his waist and behind him was something I could not make it out at first but as he stood there I could see it was a human hand and ” she paused and tears started to well up in her eyes and he places her hands over her face and took another deep breath . ” he placed the hand I both of his hands and took a bite out of it I could hear his teeth biting in to the flesh and ripping away large chunks and then he smiled at me and points towards us , that’s where I screamed well I thought I screamed but I was so scared I could not move ”




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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