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Day 4 pt 5

Day 4 pt 5

Jake had to take a deep breath , as this was so much for him to take in ” Al do you think you that he was sending a message ” . She looks at him ” what do you mean well with the blood on your hands this morning and the arrow as well as that man standing there , I don’t think that the message was that we are welcome here ” . Jake looked down at his hands ” why would he do that , and sorry I must know what did he look like so I know what I should look out for ” . Al looked at jake and with a tear in her eye she start to describe what he looked like . ” jake he was about your height with long brown hair , his face was covered in blood . I could only assume that it was from the face hi was wearing , he was quite stocky with what I could only see looked like trousers that was made from animal skin ” jake turned and looked out to sea ” it don’t make any sense we have been here for days why would he make himself noticed now ” . Al stood up , she was a bit shaky on her feet as the whole experience has taken it toll on her .
” jake I’m not making it up I saw him and could see the blood running down his chest from the mask , there was one other thing the man had piercings in his lips looked like someone had done it quite recently or he has pulled them as they were swollen ” . Jake stood up and grabbed Al’s hand ” we should go over to where he was and see if he left any marks in the sand , just so we know where he might of come from ” . Al held tightly to jakes hand as they walked over to where the man was but there was nothing there not even a foot print , ” Al is this where he was ” she turned to him and took a deep breath ” yeah ”
They continued to look around the beach but there was nothing to see . Al looked at jake ” I’m not crazy , I really saw him , I did ” . Jake place his arms around Al ” I believe you baby I just don’t know why he is playing games with us , in the morning we will move our things along the beach but we will go through the trees so that if he comes back he won’t find our footprints in the sand , we will only take what we need and never come back to here ”
Al was a bit happier now but they walked back to the shelter wondering why there was nothing not even a print . They sat on the beach not really saying much to each other but the silence was more then enough to see that they had more pressing things on there minds .
As the sun started to set on the longest day that they have had on the island the couple were not tired. They got in to the shelter and laid in the the bed but not to sleep but to listen to see if they could hear anything walking round in the bushes . A few hours had past but no sound that been made by anything or anyone , not even the birds was singing in the trees . The only sound that they could hear was the waves breaking on the white sand and the water rushing back down the sands , time was passing so slow but as night was passing they could not keep there eyes open any longer and the sound of the sea was soothing to there tired heads and slowly they drifted off to a deep sleep




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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