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Life is like a pebble where if it drops it will bring you ripples

It will tumble in the tides and washes up on the shore never knowing where it is or what’s its meaning

You will pick if up and throw it back as if it was meant to be , but that pebble is history that you can hold in your hand

It might not want it but in you hands it will take its pride , from it is just a humble pebble that time not known

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We think too much about what we want , never knowing what we have

We take for granted we things we know and fill our mind of things we don’t want

Time is valuable , and it wasted on things that we can do without

Time together is special , time apart is time lost

Love is strong , but fear will eat you

Love will cure , anger will distort you perception

There’s a space in our heart where we find our love one well always be there to comfort us

Past times will bring you happiness and so may the future

When there is nothing to say a simple smile will start a conversation you will never forget

Our thoughts are our own , and will it may , people will try to think for you

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Day 5 pt 2

Day 5 pt 2

It was just an hour after they heard the person behind the shelter and they were packing a few things to take with them . Al said to jake ” jake do you think we should try to set up down at the waterfall , where there is fresh water and we can have fresh fish and as well it’s open and if there is anyone flying over they will see us a bit better as it’s open ” jake looked at Al I would says ” Al I don’t think that is a good idea as it’s so open it may be one of the places where this person will look , so if we go a bit further along the beach and see what it’s like ” .
As they gather some things and some water and a few mangos they start the walk along the beach , they was keeping a look out long the tree line . Jake and Al are still very stunned by what happened in the morning , jake would not say a thing as he felt that the native was watching them . Al was still on her toes and keeping a look out but at the same time she could not stop thinking about how jake felt inside her and how her body was craving for more . Jake might be leading them to a safer place to stay but as Al was watching her husband walking next to her she could see a bead of sweat running down the side of his face , leaving a moist trail down the side of his Cheek and weaving between the stubble on his chin .
The further they walked along the beach the more that Al could not stop thinking about the long throbbing man stick in jakes pants , the more that she thought about it the wetter she found herself getting . As they made it to the waterfall they had to wade through the the slightly chilling waters , Al could not take her eyes of jake as the they walked through the mist his body seemed to glow as the sunlight shone on his toned body . ” jake are you sure that we can’t settle here ” , jake turned to Al ” sorry baby I think it would be to open to the natives ” , Al nodded and they continued as they got to the shore on the other side of the waterfall jakes trousers clings to his leg and to his man piece , Al wishes that she put on some knickers as there was something that was teasing her and all she wanted to do was jump jake and feel him deep inside her , the only thing that Al was worried about was that the skirt that she was wearing was soaked through and if the natives was following them they would see her in all her glory as she walked up the shore on the other side of the waterfall .
As they continued round the bay Al could not keep her eyes of jake it was now starting to become an obsession as she found herself walking behind jake running her hands up her top and caressing her breasts , with every stroke across her erect nipples she found her breasts were tingling and she was playing out any reason to try to stop jake and make a shelter by the waterfall . Jake was starting to get tired as all he wanted was a safe place for them , where they could be spotted from the air and sea
Jake looks at all , who finds her self quickly pulling her hands out of her top , and jake says ” baby let’s rest and we can have something to eat ” . As they sat on the sand and jake pulls out a bottle of water and a mango he looks at Al and he can see that the walk and the waterfall had made her all sweaty but at the same time he noticed the beads of sweat and water running down her hair and dropping on to her chest and between her breasts
As they rested they could not stop gazing at each other when Al could not take it anymore she felt like her body was going to explode and she runs her hands up the inside of her legs and as she lifts her skirt up jake found himself watching and the blood pumped to his penis , Al lays back on to the warm sand and slowly opens her legs and slowly runs her finger over the warm moist throbbing clit and let’s of a loud moan . Jake can’t move as if he was to move he would find himself letting down his guard and some thing might happen so instead he lets her continue


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Day 5 pt 1

Day 5

It was still night , the moon is still high in the sky . The reflection shimmers on the motionless sea , the sound of crickets echo in the breeze . Nothing seems to be able to wake the sleeping couple , the days events have taken there till on there emotions but not to the point where they are closed doors to each other , but the reverse was happening . As the air thickens and a dew forms on the white sand , giving the beach a shimmer . The sun starts kissing the horizon and the island starts coming to life , the birds start there hypnotic love songs and jake can feel that today is a day not like the rest . The sun slowly rises and reaches out to each bead of dew , giving a warm kiss to every drop . Jake starts to stir with the feeling of that yesterday was a dream that would leave his mind as soon as Al would wake up and he would see the shear love and emotion in her eyes .
Jake lays on his side and puts his arms around Al and she starts smiling . She can feel his warmth pressing up against her , she is still waking up and the first thing she says “I love feeling so safe with you , can we lay her all day I don’t want to move our stuff, I’m so tired ” . Jake is suddenly woke back up mentally to what happened the day before ” I wanted to forget that as well ” . The sun feels like it stopping time as the couple spoon on the sand of the makeshift shelter . They both laid motionless for some time gazing at sea lapping on the shore line , the wind picks up slightly and a cool breeze blows along the beach but the air has a sweet tint to it , ” what is that ” Al say while she takes a deep breath and runs her hand down her hips and over her buttocks to where jake manhood sit snuggled up in the warmth of her heavenly ,firm, buttocks . She gently runs her finger nails along the hard shaft , Al rolls over and pulls out the stiff male meat out of his pants , ” I know that due to the what’s happened that this is bad , but I don’t care ” . She places her warm tender hand around it , she can feel ever heart beat pumping more and more blood in to his already rock hard penis , she slowly runs her hand back and forth along his throbbing shaft , ” I’m still hungry for your warm salty jets inside me ”
Al pushes jake onto his back she kneels over him and quickly lift up her skirt and grabs the gusset of her knickers and rips them apart , as she lowers her self over his stiff tree trunk , jake could feel the warmth and the moisture of her tender trembling clit . ” I’m so wet jake , I don’t know what’s happening with us getting off this island , but I want to make the most of our time together and right now I want you deep inside me ”
Al slide jake deeper and deeper inside her , her body tingles with ever thrust . As the tension builds inside her she can feel the uncontrollable urge to scream as she reaches climax . Jake can feel Al’s moist tight pussy clamping around his penis as the muscles inside her convulse in a cascade of female ejaculation and warm moisture . As the couple cum together Al lays on top of jake and kisses his neck and whispers in his ear ” I love you so much ”
At that point while they lay in each other’s embrace a single cloud drifts over the sun , and a slight darkness falls over the island and for a moment the warmth of the sun is replaced with a chill in the air . Just as the sun peered around the cloud again and the rays of the sun beam down on the shelter and the soft white sand . Behind them there was a sound ” shh jake can you hear that ” . The sound fade away but then there was what could only be described as a branch breaking , ” did you hear that it sounded like some one talking and then walking away and a branch breaking , you must of hear it ” . Jake nods his head ” yeah I heard it , I don’t want to believe it , do you think it was that person ”
Jake looks at Al and Al looks at jake , ” I want to get of this island I don’t want to be here, I want things to be normal ” Al whisper in jake’s ear . Jake could see that Al was scared and wanted to get of the island now
” Al we need to move so that this person won’t come back , and we may get spotted better and get rescued


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It’s your birthday

It’s your birthday

Ten years ago, it was a day like today my wife went in to labour and we made our way to the hospital for the birth of the princess of the family it was just past midnight when we was blessed for the arrival of our beautiful baby girl she weighed in at 9lb 13oz she was the most beautiful little person I have ever seen . I can still remember the first Time I held her I was in love with an angel , this little bundle of joy that would make us so proud
We love you so much baby girl
Happy birthday