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Day 5 pt 1

Day 5

It was still night , the moon is still high in the sky . The reflection shimmers on the motionless sea , the sound of crickets echo in the breeze . Nothing seems to be able to wake the sleeping couple , the days events have taken there till on there emotions but not to the point where they are closed doors to each other , but the reverse was happening . As the air thickens and a dew forms on the white sand , giving the beach a shimmer . The sun starts kissing the horizon and the island starts coming to life , the birds start there hypnotic love songs and jake can feel that today is a day not like the rest . The sun slowly rises and reaches out to each bead of dew , giving a warm kiss to every drop . Jake starts to stir with the feeling of that yesterday was a dream that would leave his mind as soon as Al would wake up and he would see the shear love and emotion in her eyes .
Jake lays on his side and puts his arms around Al and she starts smiling . She can feel his warmth pressing up against her , she is still waking up and the first thing she says “I love feeling so safe with you , can we lay her all day I don’t want to move our stuff, I’m so tired ” . Jake is suddenly woke back up mentally to what happened the day before ” I wanted to forget that as well ” . The sun feels like it stopping time as the couple spoon on the sand of the makeshift shelter . They both laid motionless for some time gazing at sea lapping on the shore line , the wind picks up slightly and a cool breeze blows along the beach but the air has a sweet tint to it , ” what is that ” Al say while she takes a deep breath and runs her hand down her hips and over her buttocks to where jake manhood sit snuggled up in the warmth of her heavenly ,firm, buttocks . She gently runs her finger nails along the hard shaft , Al rolls over and pulls out the stiff male meat out of his pants , ” I know that due to the what’s happened that this is bad , but I don’t care ” . She places her warm tender hand around it , she can feel ever heart beat pumping more and more blood in to his already rock hard penis , she slowly runs her hand back and forth along his throbbing shaft , ” I’m still hungry for your warm salty jets inside me ”
Al pushes jake onto his back she kneels over him and quickly lift up her skirt and grabs the gusset of her knickers and rips them apart , as she lowers her self over his stiff tree trunk , jake could feel the warmth and the moisture of her tender trembling clit . ” I’m so wet jake , I don’t know what’s happening with us getting off this island , but I want to make the most of our time together and right now I want you deep inside me ”
Al slide jake deeper and deeper inside her , her body tingles with ever thrust . As the tension builds inside her she can feel the uncontrollable urge to scream as she reaches climax . Jake can feel Al’s moist tight pussy clamping around his penis as the muscles inside her convulse in a cascade of female ejaculation and warm moisture . As the couple cum together Al lays on top of jake and kisses his neck and whispers in his ear ” I love you so much ”
At that point while they lay in each other’s embrace a single cloud drifts over the sun , and a slight darkness falls over the island and for a moment the warmth of the sun is replaced with a chill in the air . Just as the sun peered around the cloud again and the rays of the sun beam down on the shelter and the soft white sand . Behind them there was a sound ” shh jake can you hear that ” . The sound fade away but then there was what could only be described as a branch breaking , ” did you hear that it sounded like some one talking and then walking away and a branch breaking , you must of hear it ” . Jake nods his head ” yeah I heard it , I don’t want to believe it , do you think it was that person ”
Jake looks at Al and Al looks at jake , ” I want to get of this island I don’t want to be here, I want things to be normal ” Al whisper in jake’s ear . Jake could see that Al was scared and wanted to get of the island now
” Al we need to move so that this person won’t come back , and we may get spotted better and get rescued




im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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