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Day 7 pt 6

Jake rests for a while as Al keeps looking through some of the luggage but she keeps a watchful eye on him . Jake tries to get on to his feet but he feels weak and his legs are like jelly , he tries a second time but this time he manages to get to his feet ” jake what you doing sit and rest we have a long walk back to the cave , or shall we stay here tonight ” jake looks at Al ” no we will go back to the cave but I can’t just sit here and do nothing let me help ” . Al walks over to jake and looks him in the eyes ” you will be able to help when we are ready but for now please rest I don’t want anything to happen on our way back , now I have said that you will sit down I’m just over there so don’t worry ”
The day soon turns into the twilight and the sun starts to get lower in the sky , jake and Al are ready to start there trek back to the cave . Al walks over to jake ” ok baby I’m ready do you want a hand up ” as she places her hand out to help him up to his feet ” thank you baby ” jake takes a hold of Al’s hand and starts to lift himself up of the sand but as his legs have to stretch out and the blood pumps back to his feet he get a tingling down the back of his legs ” are you ok to walk ” . Jake takes a few steps ” yeah I think so ” . Jake puts an arm around Al and they walk towards the bags that Al has set aside for the cave ” I think I have got as much as I can in them , will you be ok to walk to the cave with some stuff , as I can’t carry it all ” .
No sooner that they start there walk back jake finds himself starting to walk a bit slower then what Al was ” Al can you slow down please I can’t walk as fast as you can at the moment ” Al looks over her shoulder at him ” come on slow coach ” she said as she starts to laugh ” what you laughing at ” jake said , ” I’m not used to saying that ” . Al stops so that jake can catch her up . The sun starts to kiss the ocean the couple have been walking for about an hour and were half way to the cave , they find themselves getting tired and hungry ” shall we stop for a few minutes ” Al asked jake ” I don’t think we should as the sun is setting and it will be dark soon ” Al nods at jake ” ok but we should hurry up then we don’t want to get caught in the dark we don’t have any torches with us ” the closer they got to the cave the slower jake was getting as he had never told Al that his head felt like it was going to explode and his body was burning up , if it wasn’t for the cooling sea breeze his cloths would be soaked in his sweat . ” jake I can see the cave ” Al points up to the cave ” look can you see it ” , jake nods but he could not see it he was struggling to Al , his vision was getting more and more distorted and blurry as his head was pounding and the more he walked the more pain he found himself in , but he was not going to let Al know as she would worry .

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Writing is an art form , to put your word down on paper is easy but to paint a picture in the readers mind now that’s a skill , now I’m new to writing and I find it hard to transform the words in to a colour cascade in the mind . But like a aspiring writers it’s all about trial and error , some days I can write to my hearts content but when I read it back the image is like watching snow fall and others the vision is clear

To be a writer is to be brave at heart as many won’t like what you write but to get your words and vision out to people that takes guts

So for me to put out what I can envision and write is not just my way of making my mark on the world , I feel a confidence within as I know that my fellow writers give my the the power to write

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Day 7 pt 5

Jake looks at the bottle and sees it is antibiotics ” there are only a few pills but it will do for now ” . Jake takes a bottle of water and two pills , as he unscrews the lid on the water there is a rumbling in the air but this time it’s not thunder but something on the island . He takes a big mouthful of water and drops the pills in to his mouth and swallow and the rumbling continues ” Al can you hear that , do you know what it is ” jake looks up the beach . Al turns to jake ” no what is it , what ever it is it’s getting closer ” as the rumbling subsides and a deathly quite falls on the island , there was no noise ” jake what’s happening I can’t hear the bird of anything , what was that ” jake is still looking up the beach . Al looks in the direction that jake is facing ” what jake what can you see , what is it ” jake just keeps looking up the beach , Al walks over to jake and takes a hold of his hand ” jake what’s up ” as she looks at him she notices that he has not moved at all and she places her hand on his face and turns his head ” jake ” but as she starts moving his head very slowly and gently she sees that his nose has been bleeding and the blood was all down his mouth and chin and was soaking his t-shirt . Al screams as he falls to the sand and a black tar like liquid then start oozing out of his left ear . Al drops to his side and holds his head ” jake , jake ” she takes a deep breath and with all her voice that she can muster she shouts ” if there is anyone out there can you help , please help us ” she looks up the beach hoping to see someone but there is nothing there ” can someone please help us ” jake twitches and he’s nose explode with an eruption of blood , at that moment the rumbling starts again but this time they could feel the ground shake . Al wraps both her arms around jake ” what the fuck is this , help please , can someone please fucking help us ” . Al holds jake as tight as she can ” jake , jake ” . A few minutes pass ,Al can’t stop holding on to jake and as quick as the rumbling starts it fade away and jake wakes from the trance that had taken over him ” Al ” he whispers softly in to her ear as he feels her tears running down his cheek ” Al what happened why am I on the sand and why is there blood on you ” Al lifts her head and wipes the tears from her face ” jake are you ok ” . Jake sits up and looks at Al and looks at his t-shirt ” why is there blood on me ” . Al looks at jake and takes a deep breath ” what happened to you , when we heard the first rumble you turned and looked up the beach and I stood by you and your nose started bleeding and you fell to the floor , can you not remember any of that ” . Jake takes a deep breath and replies ” no the last thing I remember is the rumbling and then waking up on the sand ” .

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Day 7 pt 4

” ok well let’s make a move to the shelter and see what we can get , shall we ” Al gets up and slaps jake on the bottom ” your so naughty ” then starts making her way down the beach . Not much was said as they walked along the beach , jake was thinking about the dream and Al was trying to take in the dream and thinking to herself ” was it a dream or is it a memory , if it’s a memory then what were the men doing and why and did the memory finish cause jake fainted” . Al continued thinking about the dream as they walked on ” jake hope all the stuff is ok and maybe we will be able to bring a lot of stuff back to the cave” jake just put up his hands and said ” only two hands my dear ” and then turned back to face where they are going as they reach the waterfall jake stops to fill up the water bottles and looks at the waterfall ,” oh dear look over there I can see your underwear ” Al just looks at them in shame ” that dam pig well I hope that we have killed it and are eating it ”
The closer they got to the shelter the more anxious Al got as she don’t like the feeling of what happened there , the thought of that man standing there and eating that hand was too much for her but she knew that they needed clean cloths and to see if there is any medication for jakes leg . As they rounded the bend and the shelter was in eye sight the couple slowed down and walked to it in a more awakened state as they knew that the man had been there , and that this shelter was not safe for them . The closer they got the more aware that jake had got to protect Al , he could see that she did not want to be there that long ” ok babe let’s just get in there and get what we can and get back to the cave as soon as possible ” . Al agrees and they set to there job Al gets a empty suitcase and finds some cloths for them to wear but ends up starting a second one as well and jake gets a suitcase and starts putting other things that he could find that would help them in the cave ” Al I’m going to find the biggest suitcase and fill it with the things I can find and with some towel and put some things in to the back pack too ” , jake start putting some tooth brushes and tooth paste and tampons and what ever he could find in the suitcase . Al looks over to him and says ” don’t forget to get as much medicine as you can and we will check it when we get back to the cave” jake starts scrambling through the bags and cloth finding what he can ” hey Al I have just found some cola would you like to share it with me ” Al looks up at him ” is it cold ” jake replies ” no ” , Al just reaches out for the can ” well it will have to do ” . Jake passes the can to Al and she opens the ring pull and smiles and takes a few gulps she can feel the sugar in her mouth and her throat is loving the bubbles as they slide down ” oh man that’s good I have missed the taste of that” . She passes the can back to jake and as he places the can to his lips Al let’s out a small belch , jake just take a few man size gulps and passes the can back to Al ” wow that was so goo” but before he could finish his sentence he also let out a belch a bit louder then the one that Al did ” now that’s how it done ” . Jake get down on his knees and continues shifting through the cloths , ” do you need any underwear ” he asks ” yeah do you have some there ” yeah I will just put it in my case , ok ” Al nods and pipes up ” jake I have found some antibiotics for you , here catch ” jake looks over and sees the antibiotics flying through the sky towards him , as they got closer he reaches out with both hands and cups the plastic jar as it reaches his hand ” are you sure it’s antibiotic , I don’t want to get ill “

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Day7 pt 3

“Ok but tell me what you think when I have finished ” Al nods .
” well it all starts I’m in the water and I’m holding onto a bit of the seats that I had found and I’m shouting out to see if there is anyone else alive and looking around shouting out for you but I could not hear anything . The only thing I could hear is the fuselage as it sinks in to the sea , and the wave all around me . All I could think about is you and what if I lost you I could feel myself crying , and as I looked round at all I could see was parts of the plane and luggage no body’s and In the distance I could see this island and as time passed I could feel the tide pulling me towards the island . A few hours passed and I was getting closer to the shore and in the dream I was exhausted and was not seeing things properly but the closer I was getting to the island the clearer it was getting , and I could see the sand and some of the luggage was washed up on it . I was still a mile or so away from the Island and I must of fainted as all I was getting was a glimpse of blue sky and then the island every now and then but when I saw the island I can remember seeing a few men on the island shore as I was getting closer , I called out to them but they never looked up at me they were going through the washed up luggage looking for something . They were blurry but I could make out that there was about 4 men looking but as I nearly reached the shore , that’s where the dream ended as I reached the shore the last thing I can remember was the sound of the waves next to me and then that’s where the dream ended and I woke up ”
Al looks at jake with a look of confusion and scratches her head and looks at the sand ” do you think that maybe that wasn’t a dream but a memory and you was recalling it ” jake looks at her with amazement and shock ” did you read that from one of your magazines or was it something you Learnt from teaching ” . Al read it in a magazine but she wanted jake to think it was something that she was taught ” yeah it’s something that we had training for ” as she smiles to herself . Jake just looks out at the sea ” if it was a memory then what do you think the men were looking for in the luggage and why don’t I remember washing up on the shore ” , Al looks at him ” I don’t know what they were looking for but can you remember seeing any electrical things in the luggage ” , jake pauses and thinks ” not really the only things I can remember is the dildos but what can we do with them ” Al smiles at jake ” I can think of a few things ” she laughs . Jake put his hands over his face and shakes his head ” I know just what your thinking , but we can’t use them to call anyone ” jake laughs out loud ” a dildoaphone it vibrates when you use the dialling buttons ” Al just looks at Al ” ok we will stop there I think we know where that’s going ” jake bursts in to laughter ” your such a kids at times jake ” as he nods away laughing to himself . Jake had to stand up as he was laughing so much .

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Day 7 pt 2

Al picks up the clean moist cloth and starts dabbing it on the wound , jake bites his lip and then let’s out a whimper and then whispers ” fuck that really hurts ” . Al stops dabbing it and try’s to dry it off as much as she can and then places new dressings on it ” there you big baby it’s done , stand up so I can see if it will stay on ” . Jake stands and gives his hips a bit of a wiggle ” it good , it will do till we are back ” . Al stands and give him a kiss on the cheek ” you big pussy ” , jake frowns at her . Al starts the walk towards the beach and jake limps behind her ” come on bitch hurry up ” jake hops a few steps to catch her up ” you know what ” then slaps her on her bottom ” your my bitch” . Al puts her arm around him and jake dose the same ” I love my bitch ” Al said .
As they reached the walk along the beach jake said to Al in a confused voice ” I had a weird dream last night ” Al looks at jake and gives him a smile ” oh yeah one of them dreams ” . Jake looks at her and shakes his head ” no it was about the day of the crash ” , Al looks at him all confused . ” are you sure it was a dream ” jake nods ” well I’m sure I can’t remember much about what happened after the pilot said of everyone to put on there seat belts , and then the explosion and waking up on the beach and finding you ” . Al stops and looks at jake ” yeah I’m the same I can remember the plane and then waking up on the beach hearing you shouting to me and then running over and saying that I have a cut , but that’s all ” . Jake sat on the sand and gets out a bottle of water and takes a mouthful and spits it out and takes another and swallows it ” sit baby let’s rest and I will tell you my dream and you can see what you think ” , Al sit next to him and has some of the water ” I’m hungry let’s eat while we can ” jake takes the bag of his back and opens it and Al starts rummaging through it and finds a banana and starts to peel it and takes a big mouthful of it , and with the banana in her mouth she says to jake ” well tell me about your dream ” . Jake looks out to the sea ” I love it when you talk with your mouth full ” and let’s out a big breath of air .

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Day 7 pt 1

As the morning passes the sleeping couple they are woke up by the sound of of the birds and the sunlight creeping slowly in to the cave , as the light got deeper in the cave it slowly crept over there waking bodies . Jake was the first to wake ” Al are you awake ” , Al turned over and covered her face with her hands ” do we have to wake up I’m so tired , can’t I sleep please ” . Jake puts his arms around her ” come on baby wake up we need to go to the beach and get some things ” . Al took her hands off her face ” I don’t want to what if that man comes back or something happens to us , can’t we just stay here ” . Jake gives her a warming kiss on her lips , the soft touch of his warm lips wakes her ” ok but could we get back as soon as we can I don’t want to be out there too long ” jake stands over her ” we will go get the stuff and get back ASAP ” jake always loves using that term it makes him feel like he has some importance . Jake walks over to the bags and starts putting some of the meat and water in to it . Al stands but she is still waking up and her legs are week and she wobble abut as she walks over to jake , Al puts her hands around jakes waist and pulls him close to her ” I love you so much ” , jake turns to face her ” I love you too babe , but we have to go soon , my leg is starting to hurt so I want to see if there is and medication in the luggage ” Al stands back and looks at the wound ” it’s still bleeding isn’t it , why didn’t you tell me , it could be infected ” . Al get to her knees and takes a look at the wound , she slowly pulls up the blood soaked cloth and looks at the open wound ” jake has it been like this since it happened ” . Jake looks into Al’s eye and bows his head ” yeah it did look like it was stopping but last night I hit it on a tree branch and it started again ” , Al looks at some of the clothes that they had and finds a t-shirt and starts ripping it ” we need to clean it and get it dressed again , let go to the stream and get it cleaned , now get the bag and what ever you want and meet me at the stream ” . Jake picks up the bag and both knives and limps to the stream ” ok let’s get it done ” , as he pumps out his chest trying to be all manly . Al looks at him and laughs ” jake your a bigger girl when it come to things like this ” . He sits on a rock by the stream and looks away ” do it quick I don’t want to see it ” . Al smiles at jake and bites her lip and dips some of the cloth in to the stream and places it on a rock and then starts to take off the old dressing , as she peels it of some of the dried blood is sticking to the hairs on his leg and pulls them out ” Al that hurts ” . Al drops the dressing on the floor and slaps jake on the arm ” stop being a girl and man up bitch ” , jake smiles ” I love it when you call me bitch “

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You and me

We find ourselves lost at times
We find ourselves thinking too much , dwelling on things that we can’t change
I’m not smart but I know I’m found , when I’m safe in your love , and in you arms I will be
I think of times of you and me , where my heart is whole and time was free
We change the past in visions we see
We did this just you and me

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Day 6 pt 4

Day 6 pt 4

As the night sets in and the temperature drops and jake and Al find themselves sat by the fire with the most of the days kill cooked and buried to keep for the next day and some drying over the fire so that they have food for the next week , but as the night went flying past and they started to get tired from the days adventures they found themselves reminiscing . There wedding day was only 6 day ago but to them seemed so far away , ” jake wasn’t the wedding cake beautiful , I’m glad that we managed to get the one we wanted ” . Jake smiled at Al ” yeah it was worth it , I’m glad that the bakery could make each tire a different flavour ” . Jake wasn’t that good at drawing but he drew a picture in the sand of the cake and another of the Lilly’s that they had placed around the cake ” Lilly’s have always been your favourite flowers ” . Al looks deeply at the drawing and and tear start falling down her face and a smile starts to appear ” jake you looked so good in your tux well by the end of the night what you had left of it ” . Jake laughs ” yeah I know I think the drinker I get the more I will lose things ” . Jake looks at the pictures that was on the floor ” yeah but nothing compared to you in your wedding dress , that long silk dress , I can still see you in it and when we was at the alter when I lifted your vail I could not believe just how gorgeous You looked and not to sound to dirty but I could not wait to get you alone if you know what I mean ” jake winks at Al
While the remember the wedding day there was a sound coming from the trees outside the cave ” Al did you hear that ” jake stood up by the fire a took a hold of the knife . Jake slowly walk to the torch by the opening to the cave and picks it up out the sand ” jake what is it ” jake walks just outside the cave but sees nothing just the trees blowing in the wind . He starts walking back to the cave when he hears something moving in the trees behind him ” Al stay there ” , the trees lay stop moving and the wind dyes down and a silence falls jake stands still and listens to see where the sound is coming from . Nothing moves he looks around some more and walks back to the cave ” well what was it jake did you see anything ” , ” no nothing it may of just been the trees moving ” . As he says that there was a snap of a branch just out the cave ” jake ” , jake passes the torch to Al and gives her his knife . He runs to the bags and pulls everything out of them as he looks for the other knife , when he finds it he picks up the other torch ” ok baby we will both go out and look but we won’t be far apart we both may scare off what ever it is ” . Al takes a deep breath and grips the knife and looks at jake ” ok baby but please don’t leave me for too long as we don’t know round here very well ” . Jake looks at Al ” I won’t let you out my sight baby just stay close to me ” as the reach the tree line jake takes Al’s hand ” ok baby keep a good hold of your knife” . As they walk in to the tree both keeping there wits about themselves Al hears movement behind her , she quickly turn around and holds out her torch to have a look , there is nothing there ” jake do you think it might just be an animal moving around ” jake turn to face her ” I don’t know but we can’t be to sure ” as they look around the wind picks up and the trees start moving and there is a flash of lightning , that lights up the sky and for a second they could see for a few meters in front of them when jake sees a figure of a man standing next to a tree about 20 meter in front of them . Jake grabs Al hand and holds it tight as they both look at each other ” let’s turn back jake I don’t like the look of this ” Al turns to face the direction of the cave ” come on jake let go back , please ” . Jake say to Al ” we can’t let him know we are sacred , let’s see what he wants ” Al pulls on jakes hand ” no let’s just go back now please ” jake looks at the trees in front of them ” well I think that who ever or what ever it is has now gone ” . As they both turn back they hear a voice behind them ” they can’t run we will find them ” and a second voice just to the side say ” shh ” . Jake and Al at this point are terrified and run back to the mouth of the cave. Jake and Al as soon as they reach the cave run for the fire ” did you hear that voice , did you hear what it said ” . Jake and Al know that they heard the voice but did not want to believe it ” it was speaking English , it wasn’t that clear but and had an accent to it but yeah I heard it jake ” . Jake looks at the mouth of the cave ” well I don’t know what the accent was but they won’t come back now we know they are there ” he says as he look at the darkness out side the cave and the voice in his head says ” I won’t let the get us I won’t j can’t let them ” jake looks at Al he could see a tear run down her face ” Al come here” he sits her down and she lays on the floor next to the fire , jake places her head on his lap and strokes her head , he could see that the day had got her so tired so he just whisper in her ear ” I love you baby , just close you eyes and rest for a bit ” . Al closes her eyes and lay for a few minutes . Jake don’t want to go to sleep but he can feel his eyes getting heavy and his mind starts to wonder and before he could fight it he starts slumping over and lays down on the cool sand and drifts of to sleep .
It wasn’t long after they fell asleep what the sun started to rise but the couple were so tired that the sun could not wake them

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