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Day 5 pt 3

Day 5 pt 3

Jake could not believe his eyes as he looks on to his wife laying on the warm sand . He could see that she was lost in the world she has built in her head , jake just felt powerless as something has came over her and turned Al in to a sensual beast and needed to just let what ever it was run so that she could get moving . Jake found himself watching not being able to turn away , what ever was happening had started to take its grip off Al and move to jake , he found himself standing there in the blazing sunlight with this feeling that all he wanted to do was be inside Al . He could not let this feeling take over him ” Al what’s happening , why are we doing this , why now ” . Al looked up at jake , she could see that his penis was hard ” jake come here I can see your ready , let’s make love ” . Jake looked at Al ” I know I want too and you want too but it’s not the time to we had to keep moving . So I think we should have a quick swim and them move on we need to find shelter ” .
Jake walks towards Al , bends down and scoops her up in his arms , as he lifts her she looks into his eyes places her hands on his cheeks . ” I want you right now baby please fuck me please I need you inside me ” . Jake walks down to the shoreline take a few steps in the warm waters and slowly places Al into the water . The water gently kisses her back and slowly raps around her , as the water takes it grip around her , her body becomes stiff and her eyes roll back and she lets out a giant gasp of air . It was almost as if she was taken over and what ever it was had just escaped from her body . Al opens her eyes and looked up at her husband who at this point was more scared that something was wrong with her and he could not help her , ” jake what happened to me I could see everything but I had no control over my actions , I hope that I didn’t worry you to much ”
Jake let go of Al and sat in the water with Al’s head resting on his lap ” baby I don’t know what was happening to you but what ever it is it’s powerful as I found myself going the same way that why I got you and made it to the water to shock us and maybe stop it , I just want to find a new shelter and get us set up so that we can have a place where the rescuers could find us ” . Al looked in to jakes eyes ” you are alway looking out for us ” . Jake nodded and wipes his face as a single tear falls slowly down his face and he looks up at the sky ” Al do you think they are looking for us , it’s been 5 days and we have not seen anything not even a boat ”
They sat in the water for a short Tim not saying much just looking out to the ocean both hoping that they would see a glimpse of a ship on the horizon , but as time passes them by with out nothing to be seen they both stand up and walk to where they left there things and pick up what they brought with them and started making there way along the beach again looking out for a suitable place to make camp for the night or for them to make a shelter . The longer they walked along the beach they knew that they were looking out for a place to build there shelter so they could just rest as the days activities have taken a lot out of them . As they walked a bit further they noticed a hill in the distance and halfway up it there was a cave or what seemed like a cave ” jake look that’s perfect it’s just off the beach so it won’t take long for us to get to the boats when they come and we won’t have to build anything and it’s near fresh water look there is a stream next to it , we should go have a look see what it’s like ”
Jake and Al started walking through the woods toward the base of the hill ” Al I think it may be perfect too we can see over the sea better from up there , I’m just going to get a branch and some dry leaves to make a torch so we can see in the cave when we reach it ”
As they walked up the hill they found themselves looking back down the beach from where the shelter that they built was ” well Al it was good but we knew it wouldn’t of lasted long but would of hoped it would of lasted longer then it did ” . They look at the cave but as they got closer it seems a bit to perfect , but as perfect as it seems it was shelter and it’s what they needed . They reached the mouth of the cave and could see as deep as the sunlight would let them they both noticed that it was dry and big and there was a great view of the ocean it was just like a picture of the postcard that they would look at wishing they could be there , but now they have got there own piece of paradise they just wanted to be home cause it was not perfect it was not close the crash was still echoing in there minds still fresh .
Jake took the branch and the dried leaves and wrapped them around the branch and reached in to one of the bags and grabbed a box of matches , as he open the match box and takes one of the matches out and strikes it along the box , they heard thunder just behind them . Jake places the lighted match to the leaves and the leaves Burt in to flames . Jake takes Al’s hand ” come on let’s look inside and see what it’s like before the storm hits ”

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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