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Day 5 pt 4

Day 5 pt 4

As the couple took there first steps in the cave the cave walls was lined with moss and the air was warming , the floor of the cave was sand with a few stones scattered around . The deeper they went inside the cave the darker it went the cave was larger then they thought , then as they walked in the darkness jakes torch became a welcoming light , there was no noise in the cave just the sound of them walking and the crackles of the torch burning . The cave split in to a two way fork , jake took a brief look just inside each fork but could not see much ” I think we will have to go down each one to see what’s down them , but first I think we should build a fire here at the start of the fork so we can have something to come back to so let’s work get some fire wood and then come back and investigate further ” . Al nodded and they turned back and walked to the woods “Al get as much dry moss and small twigs so the fire will take better and I will get as much wood as I can ” . A hour passed and they had collected a fair collection of wood and kindling and had place it at the mouth of the cave . The storm was slowly creeping up on the island , the wind picked up and was rushing through the leaves like wild horses charging though a meadow , the sky’s turned dark and the sound of distant rumbles of thunder got closer and closer . ” Al I think we should get in the cave and get the fire started we should have enough to keep us going for a while ” .
Al walks toward the mouth of the cave and turns and look back over the island she could see fog rolling over the hills and creeping though the trees being pushed by the wind as it charges over the island . As they walk through the cave the sound of the wind got fainter and the sound of the sea became softer as they reached the fork Al places the kindling on the soft sand and some next to the wall of the cave ” that’s some for later ” she giggles , jake placed some of the fire wood on to the kindling and takes the torch of Al and places it on to the kindling as the fire start to take to the kindling it lights up the fork and they could see deeper into each cave , the left fork looks more suitable , so they start down that cave first but little did they know that like all caves the wildlife was watching them . They could hear some scuttling on the sand just in front of then “jake what’s that noise can you hear it ” jake looks at Al “yes but it sounds small so don’t worry just stay close and we will be safe , but just to be safe could you get the knifes out just incase it’s bigger then it sounds ”
Al reaches into jakes bag and pulls out two shape stake knives that they had found in the luggage , ” here jake take this ” Al passes the knife to him . The cave starts to open up in to a large cavern they start by walking round the walls first an on one of the walls they could see a hole and some light shining through like a spotlight for the cave . They walked to the hole to investigate , jake looks through the hole ” jake what can you see ” jake places his face to the hole it wasn’t a small hole it was about the size of a small melon . Jakes eyes have to adjust as the darkness of the cave and the torch light is all he has seen in a while , as his eyes come to focus he sees more of the forest and a wild pig foraging in the dead leaves on the floor . The scuttling sound moves just behind them they turn around just in time to see a small pig run to the wall of the cave ” did you see that jake it must be lost do you think you could catch it ” jake looks at Al ” yeah but it quick so you may need to help , are you thinking the same as me ” he says with a big smile on his face ” yes we could have some real food tonight ” jake eyes twinkled in the torchlight as his smile turn into a serous look of determination “let’s do it , my mouth is already watering I can taste it already ” as jake looks at Al and signals her to move to the other side his focus becomes more intense and Al looks at him ” you look just like a spartan going to war ” she chuckles . Jake moves along the cave wall stroking the small pig like he was a tiger in the Serengeti stalking his prey .
As they closed in on the small pig Al pinned the pig in a small corner and jake came in from the side just as jake got close enough , he reached out to the side with his left hand and with his right hand steadied the knife . When they were close enough and the pig had no where to go jake lunges forward and thrusts out with the knife with his eyes closed . As the blade slides through the pigs flesh , the pig gives out with one last squeal . Jake could feel the life fading in the pig as the blade bursts through the pigs ribs and in to its heart , jake holds the knife in just to make sure that the pig is dead as this is the first time he has ever killed anything , but as the adrenaline takes over , Jake stands up as he was coming back from a fight ” look Al I did it I killed the pig , I killed the pig ” he holds up the pig in the air like he has just won the world title and shouts out ” this is Sparta ” . Al looks at him and laughs ” yes you did it you have done it ” .
Jake holds the pig in one hand and the torch in the other ” we should look round a bit to see if there is another cave joining to this cave ” , but as they walked round the cavern they only found one entrance the one they came through ” well at least we know it’s a room with view ” jake giggles . They walked back through the cave to the fire and jake sets up a simple spit to roast the pig ” we should let it cook as we investigate the other cave ” . Jake sharpens one of the sticks that they brought for fire wood and pushes it through the pig and rest the stick on two make shift spit rests ” ok well the pig is cooking now let’s go and see that the other cave is like ” .
When they walked through the other cave much to there disgust It was basically identical to the other , but this time no pig ” do you think these caves were man made or do you think it was the sea millions of years ago ” Al said , ” I don’t know but this is perfect all we need is a way to block out the entrance to stop the animals from coming in ” .
The couple slowly made there way back to the fire but as they were walking back the smell of roasting pork drifted down the caves and teases them , it was a smell that they have misses the smell of a proper cooked meal . When they got back to the fire they just sat watching the flames licking round the belly of the pig , jake turns the pig so it will cook on the back too ” how do you like it madam ” jake said to Al ” well I would like it with a tall glass of white wine please” Al said with a giant smile on her face .
Time passes and the pig is cooked and eaten not much is left as they are so hungry nearly all has gone . Darkness falls on the island and silence fall in the cave as jake and Al snuggled up next to the fire , warm cosy and full and before they knew it they had both fell asleep , into a deep sleep which they have both needed for a few days now

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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