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Day 6 pt 1

Day 6 pt 1

As the couple wake up they look at the the mound of hot ashes that once was a fire and look at each other with a look of fulfilment as that night sleep was the best night sleep that they had since being on the island ” wow I slept so deeply and to have a full stomach as well now that was the best it makes me want to see what food we could find today , but I think we should get some things for our cave ” jake giggles ” our cave don’t think I could get used to that ” . Jake stands up and walks over to the pile of fire wood that they had collected yesterday and picked up a few and some of the kindling too and walks back to the pile of ashes sets down all the wood but keeps one small stick , that he uses to poke the ashes to find a glowing ember that he could light the kindling with , but when he finds the red glowing ember Al looks shocked as she has never seen this wilderness knowing side of jake . Al looks at the fire that jake was just started ” jake I have never seen this side of you , I knew that you could do loads of things that but you just surprise me every day ” .
As the flames grew the cave started to heat up , jake sat next to the fire ” Al do you remember the party ”
Al looks and smiles ” what party ” she giggles ” do you mean the one where you were dancing and fell in to the pool ” . Jake looks at his feet ” no but thanks for reminding me about that , you will never let it go will you ” . Al shakes her head ” no when we are grey and old I will still tease you with that ” . Al giggles , jake looks at her with disbelief ” no the wedding party do you remember our first dance as husband and wife , you with your silk wedding dress and me with my top no tails ” . He shakes his head and smiles ” can’t believe I lost the blazer , do you think some one has found it , well if they did they will have a shock as in the inside pockets there are a load of cock rings that I was going to put in your mums bag and blame your dad ” Al smiles at jake ” you would of never done it and she would of known it was you , you always play pranks on her I don’t know how she puts up with you but I guess that’s what in laws are for .
Jake walks to the opening to the cave and looks out over the island , the sun was just peering over the hills and the fog was just lifting and gave the island a mystical haze ” Al come have a look at this ” . Al walked over to jake and look out and she was shocked ” it’s so beautiful , I have never seen anything like it “. Jake takes Al’s hand “baby this is our paradise , as long as I have you with me it will be our own ” . Al places her head on jakes shoulder and takes a deep breath and wipes the tears from her eyes ” I love you so much , I could not live with out you ” . Al walks back in the cave and sits by the fire , starring in the the flames ” jake do you think we will be rescued ” jake walks over and sits next to her and puts his arms around her ” yeah we will but they have to look in a wide piece of ocean , but I know they are looking . All we can do is survive and stay together ” . Al nods they sit for a few minutes in each others arms looking at the fire but also thinking of what to do and when will the native come back and stalk them again , well it’s not a big island it will just be a matter of time but they both know that they will be safe together .
As they sit thinking and the morning passes they both get set for the days tasks , of collecting fire wood looking around the hill for fresh foods and trying to put up more torches in the cave so it could be more homely for them and also planning to go back to the beach to get some more clothing and supply’s , but as the day goes by they find that there are no fresh fruit around the hill . ” jake shall we look up stream and see if there is anything up there that we could use ” jake smiles ” oh do you want to go exploring , it’s so sad that I want to do that , but we have done almost everything else that we need to do today and it would give us a chance to talk about going back to the beach ”
Mid-day comes and goes and the afternoon sun is high in the sky , they start there walk up steam to find fruit . Jake can’t help but have a big smile on his face ” jake what you smiling at ” Al says . Jake holds her hand and says ” I was just thinking about that time we went camping in the new forest , when we got lost and ended up sleeping in that barn that we found ” Al laughs ” when you say sleep do you mean fucking in the hay ” she looks up to the clear blue sky ” that was a good night we must of done it 4 or 5 time I was sore in the morning but I had never had so many orgasms in my life each time we was at it we were going for over an hour , I could remember that we didn’t want to get caught by the farmer ” . Jake looks at Al and gives her a sly wink ” yeah we were at it like rabbits , just could not leave each other alone , that was a great night how do we find ourselves in those sort of predicaments . Jake and Al laughed as they walked up stream , laughing all there worries away .
The further they walked they noticed that the shrubs along the banks were getting thinner and the tree line was getting denser and taller but no sign of any fruit



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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