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Day 6 pt 2

Day 6 Pt 2

The sun is warming up the air around them , as they walk further away from the cave they start seeing this deep red flower with purple leaves ” jake do you know what this flower is ” jake takes a good look at it ” no never seen it before ” . The air seems sweet as the flowers open and the pollen fills the air , some way down the stream they come across some mango trees and a few banana trees too ” look Al fruit ” as the pick some of the fruit they hear something in the bushes behind them ” what’s that noise do you hear it jake ” . Jake slowly turns around ” don’t move Al , stay still ” Al freezes to the ground ” what is it ” jake slowly reaches in to the bag that Al is carrying and pulls out the steak knife . Al looks over her shoulder ” I can’t see it , what is it ” jake moves one leg back as if he was going to attack ” shh don’t say a word ” . As jake puts his foot down a small twig snaps , and there is a loud squeal , it’s a wild pig and it charges towards jake . Jake steadies him self and shouts as loud as he can trying to scare the huge wild pig but the pig doesn’t flinch it keeps charging . The pig is at full steam and jake stands his ground hoping that the pig will change direction and run away but it just keeps come and then the pair meet in with a loud squeal and a few sharpe jabs with jakes knife the pig falls to the ground and let’s out one last breath as jake goes in for the kill.
Al turns to see if jakes ok and she sees the pig laying on the Broken branches and leaves ” oh my god jake how , what , oh my god ” Al is lost for words . Jake looks at Al his face is covered in the pigs blood ” I had to do something it might of hurt you I had to kill it ” . Al wraps her arms around jake and holds him as tight as she can ” don’t try that again you might not if been so lucky ” jake wipes the blade on his trousers and stands over the pig and takes a deep breath ” that’s how it done pig , I’m the man ” Al laughs ” well done baby , are you ok , it didn’t get you did it ” jake looks at his leg ” I think one of its tusks clipped me but I will be ok ” . Jake walks to the tree and sit with his back against it ” are you sure your ok ” . He nods ” yeah I had a big burst of adrenaline and now coming down from it ” as he laughs to himself . Al sits next to him and looks at his face ” you need a wash my dear your all covered in blood ”
Al stands and tears the bottom of her t-shirt away , walks over to the stream and places to torn cloth in the crisp cool water turns and walks back over to him ” are you going to be my nurse now and give me a sponge bath ” jake giggles away .
Al start wiping of the blood ” I would make a good nurse I think ” as she clean him up she looks at him and smiles ” I’m still in shock I can’t believe that you just killed that pig ” jake looks at the pig ” I know I’m shocked to but I had to protect the one thing I hold dearest ”
Once jake got his breath back and rested they set to picking some of the fruit , they got a mixture of fruit and put it in Al’s bag ” I think that’s enough for now we know there is more here when we need it ” . Al closes her bag and puts it back on to her back ” what shall we do with the pig ” . Jake turns to the pig do you think I could carry it back to the cave I don’t want to drag it , as it still bleeding and it will attract other animals to the cave ”
Jake stands over the pig and bends down and grabs it , flings it over his shoulders like a Viking and starts walking back down the stream ” are you coming babe ” . She whispers to her self ” oh my god that must be heavy ” she has a quick flash back to when they went mountain climbing together and they had to cross a river , not a deep river but he insisted on carrying her over so she didn’t get wet . Al run to catch him up ” your limping do you want me to look at your leg ” jake laughs ” what now while I’m carrying this pig or do you mean my other leg ” jake laughs . Al slaps him on his bum and smiles and giggles ” your so dirty “. It wasn’t too long till they got back to the cave and jake threw the pig down next to the fire , as if it was a sacrifice for the gods
Al got out a bottle of water and took a bit in her mouth ” yeah I love it when you swallow ” she soon enough spat it out and all over him ” why would you do that I only swallow on special occasions ” jake winks at Al ” never mind what you going to do with that pig ” jake gets the knife ” I was thinking of calving it up and seeing if we could cook some for dinner and maybe put some by so that we have meat in store for another day ” . Al looks confused ” how would you do that ” . Jake tells her how he had seen in a survival program that if you wrap up your kill and place it in the ground it will act like a fridge keeping it fresh or there is also a way of smoking it dry and keeping it as jerky that keeps for weeks . Al still looks confused ” ok I will leave you to that I need to go to the toilet so I will be just outside ” jake nods ” do you want me to keep watch for you ” . Al looked out of the cave ” yes please I don’t want every one to see me ” . Once they had finish there toilet break it was time to knuckle down and do something with the pig so jake set to it and started carving it up in to as much as he can so none was wasted


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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