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Day 6 pt 3

Day 6 pt 3

Jake has been carving the pig for a few hours now , Al has been cooking the larger pieces of meat on the fire and hanging strips of meat of the side of the walls of the cave hoping that they will dry out and will be able to keep in the air a bit longer then the cooked meat . ” jake you have been doing that for ages now have a rest ” . Jake put the knife on the sand ” ok baby is there any water I’m a bit thirsty ” . She reaches for one of the bottles that they brought from the beach , ” there is a little bit left in this one , I think we will have to get some water from the stream later ”
Jake took the bottle and took a big mouth full of the cool water , closed his eyes and tipped some on his head . The water ran down his face soothing his skin and on to his t-shirt , this making it cling to his body . Jake looks at Al ” well this won’t do I don’t think I will be able to work in a wet t-shirt it will restrict my movement I won’t be able to finish my job ” . Jake stands up places his hands on the bottom of the t-shirt and slowly lifts it while keeping eye contact with Al , he raises it up so it’s just above his pecks and like it was to music he flexes them and winks at Al . She smiles at him ” your a big tease ” , jake in one quick movement pulls the t-shirt over his head and throws it at her like he was a stripper ” really jake well don’t stop now keep going , I’m enjoying the show ”
Jake give Al a deep look of subduction as he pulls his belt open and with one fell swoop pulls the belt out of trousers and drops it on the floor ” I think I need some music” . Al laughs at jake ” well good luck with that ” . Jake continues with unbuttoning his trousers and gently pulling down the zip , with one hand he pulls at the left side of his trousers and with the other dose the same , then spins round so he is facing the wall of the cave at this point he looks over his shoulder and blows Al a kiss and a stern look of dominance . Just like saying I’m here but you can’t have this , he gives his bum a little wiggle and let go of his trousers and they fall to the ground in waves of grace and musical jiggles as he shakes his bum
Once the trousers were off he turns to face Al , she looks him up ” wow you have never done that show for me , I like it . What do I have to do to get me some of that ” . Jake looks at her and places on hand over the wound that the pig did to him ” jake why you holding the top of your leg ” . The wound was just under the leg of his boxer shorts , it was larger them jake thought as his hand could not caver it . Al walks over to him and gets on her knees ” Al you could at least buy me dinner ” . She looks up at him ” now is not the time let me have a look at it ” . Jake takes his hand away the wound is about 4 inches long and deep it goes right in to the muscle ” oh my god jake that’s a bad wound why did you say it was a scratch ” jake looks down at her ” well I didn’t want you to make a big fuss of it , I will be ok I will dress it . It’s stopped bleeding so that’s good
Al walks out the cave with an empty bottle and walk to the stream and fills the bottle up and come back to jake ” it’s a shame that we don’t have any alcohol that would be better so I will have to use water to clean it , now sit down and shut up ” jake sits on the cool sand and stretches out his legs ” yes mother ” he giggle . Al gets a shirt out of one of the bag a and starts ripping it to make bandages and some cloths to clean the wound . Al soaks on bit of cloth in water and hold the wet cloth above that wound ” this may hurt ” . She slowly lower the cloth to wound and starts to dab it lightly , she can feel jake twitching as the cold water his the raw muscle ” I must clean it I don’t wasn’t you to get an infection “. As she finished cleaning it she wraps it up so no dirt can get into it ” there it’s done now just take care ” jake still got his whit ” ok do I need loads of bed rest ” , Al shakes her head . Jake takes Al’s hand ” do you remember that night we went and saw nickleback at Wembley” she places her hand on his ” if your talking about the disabled toilets then yes ” jake has a twinkle in his eyes ” yeah but do you remember the song what they were playing when we were in there ” Al smile I will never forget that song I still have visions of you kissing my neck and quietly singing in my ear , I can still feel your word soothing my ears and making the hairs down my arms stand on end “. Jake looks at her ” well what song ” . Al looks at the fire ” it was Savin me , and that’s what you have been doing since we met , 15 years ago ” . ” that night we went to the concert was the year anniversary of losing our first pet together ” . Jake smiled at Al ” yeah smithy our friend , we have never had a cat like him ”
As they sat by the fire reminiscing about that night they didn’t notice that the sun was setting over the island ” Al how’s the meat on the fire ” ,” yeah it’s done I will try to get it off ” . Jake stand and walks over to the mouth of the cave ” Al it’s getting dark , we should get some fire wood before it gets too dark ” . Al walks over to jake ok but we should be quick don’t want to get caught out in the dark ” , so like a well oiled team they left the cave with one of the makeshift torches and found as much fire wood as they could carry and mad there way back to the cave , but as they got to the mouth of the cave they looked over the island ” I will never get used to that view it’s beautiful “



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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