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Day 6 pt 4

Day 6 pt 4

As the night sets in and the temperature drops and jake and Al find themselves sat by the fire with the most of the days kill cooked and buried to keep for the next day and some drying over the fire so that they have food for the next week , but as the night went flying past and they started to get tired from the days adventures they found themselves reminiscing . There wedding day was only 6 day ago but to them seemed so far away , ” jake wasn’t the wedding cake beautiful , I’m glad that we managed to get the one we wanted ” . Jake smiled at Al ” yeah it was worth it , I’m glad that the bakery could make each tire a different flavour ” . Jake wasn’t that good at drawing but he drew a picture in the sand of the cake and another of the Lilly’s that they had placed around the cake ” Lilly’s have always been your favourite flowers ” . Al looks deeply at the drawing and and tear start falling down her face and a smile starts to appear ” jake you looked so good in your tux well by the end of the night what you had left of it ” . Jake laughs ” yeah I know I think the drinker I get the more I will lose things ” . Jake looks at the pictures that was on the floor ” yeah but nothing compared to you in your wedding dress , that long silk dress , I can still see you in it and when we was at the alter when I lifted your vail I could not believe just how gorgeous You looked and not to sound to dirty but I could not wait to get you alone if you know what I mean ” jake winks at Al
While the remember the wedding day there was a sound coming from the trees outside the cave ” Al did you hear that ” jake stood up by the fire a took a hold of the knife . Jake slowly walk to the torch by the opening to the cave and picks it up out the sand ” jake what is it ” jake walks just outside the cave but sees nothing just the trees blowing in the wind . He starts walking back to the cave when he hears something moving in the trees behind him ” Al stay there ” , the trees lay stop moving and the wind dyes down and a silence falls jake stands still and listens to see where the sound is coming from . Nothing moves he looks around some more and walks back to the cave ” well what was it jake did you see anything ” , ” no nothing it may of just been the trees moving ” . As he says that there was a snap of a branch just out the cave ” jake ” , jake passes the torch to Al and gives her his knife . He runs to the bags and pulls everything out of them as he looks for the other knife , when he finds it he picks up the other torch ” ok baby we will both go out and look but we won’t be far apart we both may scare off what ever it is ” . Al takes a deep breath and grips the knife and looks at jake ” ok baby but please don’t leave me for too long as we don’t know round here very well ” . Jake looks at Al ” I won’t let you out my sight baby just stay close to me ” as the reach the tree line jake takes Al’s hand ” ok baby keep a good hold of your knife” . As they walk in to the tree both keeping there wits about themselves Al hears movement behind her , she quickly turn around and holds out her torch to have a look , there is nothing there ” jake do you think it might just be an animal moving around ” jake turn to face her ” I don’t know but we can’t be to sure ” as they look around the wind picks up and the trees start moving and there is a flash of lightning , that lights up the sky and for a second they could see for a few meters in front of them when jake sees a figure of a man standing next to a tree about 20 meter in front of them . Jake grabs Al hand and holds it tight as they both look at each other ” let’s turn back jake I don’t like the look of this ” Al turns to face the direction of the cave ” come on jake let go back , please ” . Jake say to Al ” we can’t let him know we are sacred , let’s see what he wants ” Al pulls on jakes hand ” no let’s just go back now please ” jake looks at the trees in front of them ” well I think that who ever or what ever it is has now gone ” . As they both turn back they hear a voice behind them ” they can’t run we will find them ” and a second voice just to the side say ” shh ” . Jake and Al at this point are terrified and run back to the mouth of the cave. Jake and Al as soon as they reach the cave run for the fire ” did you hear that voice , did you hear what it said ” . Jake and Al know that they heard the voice but did not want to believe it ” it was speaking English , it wasn’t that clear but and had an accent to it but yeah I heard it jake ” . Jake looks at the mouth of the cave ” well I don’t know what the accent was but they won’t come back now we know they are there ” he says as he look at the darkness out side the cave and the voice in his head says ” I won’t let the get us I won’t j can’t let them ” jake looks at Al he could see a tear run down her face ” Al come here” he sits her down and she lays on the floor next to the fire , jake places her head on his lap and strokes her head , he could see that the day had got her so tired so he just whisper in her ear ” I love you baby , just close you eyes and rest for a bit ” . Al closes her eyes and lay for a few minutes . Jake don’t want to go to sleep but he can feel his eyes getting heavy and his mind starts to wonder and before he could fight it he starts slumping over and lays down on the cool sand and drifts of to sleep .
It wasn’t long after they fell asleep what the sun started to rise but the couple were so tired that the sun could not wake them

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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