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Day 7 pt 1

As the morning passes the sleeping couple they are woke up by the sound of of the birds and the sunlight creeping slowly in to the cave , as the light got deeper in the cave it slowly crept over there waking bodies . Jake was the first to wake ” Al are you awake ” , Al turned over and covered her face with her hands ” do we have to wake up I’m so tired , can’t I sleep please ” . Jake puts his arms around her ” come on baby wake up we need to go to the beach and get some things ” . Al took her hands off her face ” I don’t want to what if that man comes back or something happens to us , can’t we just stay here ” . Jake gives her a warming kiss on her lips , the soft touch of his warm lips wakes her ” ok but could we get back as soon as we can I don’t want to be out there too long ” jake stands over her ” we will go get the stuff and get back ASAP ” jake always loves using that term it makes him feel like he has some importance . Jake walks over to the bags and starts putting some of the meat and water in to it . Al stands but she is still waking up and her legs are week and she wobble abut as she walks over to jake , Al puts her hands around jakes waist and pulls him close to her ” I love you so much ” , jake turns to face her ” I love you too babe , but we have to go soon , my leg is starting to hurt so I want to see if there is and medication in the luggage ” Al stands back and looks at the wound ” it’s still bleeding isn’t it , why didn’t you tell me , it could be infected ” . Al get to her knees and takes a look at the wound , she slowly pulls up the blood soaked cloth and looks at the open wound ” jake has it been like this since it happened ” . Jake looks into Al’s eye and bows his head ” yeah it did look like it was stopping but last night I hit it on a tree branch and it started again ” , Al looks at some of the clothes that they had and finds a t-shirt and starts ripping it ” we need to clean it and get it dressed again , let go to the stream and get it cleaned , now get the bag and what ever you want and meet me at the stream ” . Jake picks up the bag and both knives and limps to the stream ” ok let’s get it done ” , as he pumps out his chest trying to be all manly . Al looks at him and laughs ” jake your a bigger girl when it come to things like this ” . He sits on a rock by the stream and looks away ” do it quick I don’t want to see it ” . Al smiles at jake and bites her lip and dips some of the cloth in to the stream and places it on a rock and then starts to take off the old dressing , as she peels it of some of the dried blood is sticking to the hairs on his leg and pulls them out ” Al that hurts ” . Al drops the dressing on the floor and slaps jake on the arm ” stop being a girl and man up bitch ” , jake smiles ” I love it when you call me bitch “



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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