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Day 7 pt 2

Al picks up the clean moist cloth and starts dabbing it on the wound , jake bites his lip and then let’s out a whimper and then whispers ” fuck that really hurts ” . Al stops dabbing it and try’s to dry it off as much as she can and then places new dressings on it ” there you big baby it’s done , stand up so I can see if it will stay on ” . Jake stands and gives his hips a bit of a wiggle ” it good , it will do till we are back ” . Al stands and give him a kiss on the cheek ” you big pussy ” , jake frowns at her . Al starts the walk towards the beach and jake limps behind her ” come on bitch hurry up ” jake hops a few steps to catch her up ” you know what ” then slaps her on her bottom ” your my bitch” . Al puts her arm around him and jake dose the same ” I love my bitch ” Al said .
As they reached the walk along the beach jake said to Al in a confused voice ” I had a weird dream last night ” Al looks at jake and gives him a smile ” oh yeah one of them dreams ” . Jake looks at her and shakes his head ” no it was about the day of the crash ” , Al looks at him all confused . ” are you sure it was a dream ” jake nods ” well I’m sure I can’t remember much about what happened after the pilot said of everyone to put on there seat belts , and then the explosion and waking up on the beach and finding you ” . Al stops and looks at jake ” yeah I’m the same I can remember the plane and then waking up on the beach hearing you shouting to me and then running over and saying that I have a cut , but that’s all ” . Jake sat on the sand and gets out a bottle of water and takes a mouthful and spits it out and takes another and swallows it ” sit baby let’s rest and I will tell you my dream and you can see what you think ” , Al sit next to him and has some of the water ” I’m hungry let’s eat while we can ” jake takes the bag of his back and opens it and Al starts rummaging through it and finds a banana and starts to peel it and takes a big mouthful of it , and with the banana in her mouth she says to jake ” well tell me about your dream ” . Jake looks out to the sea ” I love it when you talk with your mouth full ” and let’s out a big breath of air .

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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