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Day 7 pt 4

” ok well let’s make a move to the shelter and see what we can get , shall we ” Al gets up and slaps jake on the bottom ” your so naughty ” then starts making her way down the beach . Not much was said as they walked along the beach , jake was thinking about the dream and Al was trying to take in the dream and thinking to herself ” was it a dream or is it a memory , if it’s a memory then what were the men doing and why and did the memory finish cause jake fainted” . Al continued thinking about the dream as they walked on ” jake hope all the stuff is ok and maybe we will be able to bring a lot of stuff back to the cave” jake just put up his hands and said ” only two hands my dear ” and then turned back to face where they are going as they reach the waterfall jake stops to fill up the water bottles and looks at the waterfall ,” oh dear look over there I can see your underwear ” Al just looks at them in shame ” that dam pig well I hope that we have killed it and are eating it ”
The closer they got to the shelter the more anxious Al got as she don’t like the feeling of what happened there , the thought of that man standing there and eating that hand was too much for her but she knew that they needed clean cloths and to see if there is any medication for jakes leg . As they rounded the bend and the shelter was in eye sight the couple slowed down and walked to it in a more awakened state as they knew that the man had been there , and that this shelter was not safe for them . The closer they got the more aware that jake had got to protect Al , he could see that she did not want to be there that long ” ok babe let’s just get in there and get what we can and get back to the cave as soon as possible ” . Al agrees and they set to there job Al gets a empty suitcase and finds some cloths for them to wear but ends up starting a second one as well and jake gets a suitcase and starts putting other things that he could find that would help them in the cave ” Al I’m going to find the biggest suitcase and fill it with the things I can find and with some towel and put some things in to the back pack too ” , jake start putting some tooth brushes and tooth paste and tampons and what ever he could find in the suitcase . Al looks over to him and says ” don’t forget to get as much medicine as you can and we will check it when we get back to the cave” jake starts scrambling through the bags and cloth finding what he can ” hey Al I have just found some cola would you like to share it with me ” Al looks up at him ” is it cold ” jake replies ” no ” , Al just reaches out for the can ” well it will have to do ” . Jake passes the can to Al and she opens the ring pull and smiles and takes a few gulps she can feel the sugar in her mouth and her throat is loving the bubbles as they slide down ” oh man that’s good I have missed the taste of that” . She passes the can back to jake and as he places the can to his lips Al let’s out a small belch , jake just take a few man size gulps and passes the can back to Al ” wow that was so goo” but before he could finish his sentence he also let out a belch a bit louder then the one that Al did ” now that’s how it done ” . Jake get down on his knees and continues shifting through the cloths , ” do you need any underwear ” he asks ” yeah do you have some there ” yeah I will just put it in my case , ok ” Al nods and pipes up ” jake I have found some antibiotics for you , here catch ” jake looks over and sees the antibiotics flying through the sky towards him , as they got closer he reaches out with both hands and cups the plastic jar as it reaches his hand ” are you sure it’s antibiotic , I don’t want to get ill “



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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