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Day7 pt 3

“Ok but tell me what you think when I have finished ” Al nods .
” well it all starts I’m in the water and I’m holding onto a bit of the seats that I had found and I’m shouting out to see if there is anyone else alive and looking around shouting out for you but I could not hear anything . The only thing I could hear is the fuselage as it sinks in to the sea , and the wave all around me . All I could think about is you and what if I lost you I could feel myself crying , and as I looked round at all I could see was parts of the plane and luggage no body’s and In the distance I could see this island and as time passed I could feel the tide pulling me towards the island . A few hours passed and I was getting closer to the shore and in the dream I was exhausted and was not seeing things properly but the closer I was getting to the island the clearer it was getting , and I could see the sand and some of the luggage was washed up on it . I was still a mile or so away from the Island and I must of fainted as all I was getting was a glimpse of blue sky and then the island every now and then but when I saw the island I can remember seeing a few men on the island shore as I was getting closer , I called out to them but they never looked up at me they were going through the washed up luggage looking for something . They were blurry but I could make out that there was about 4 men looking but as I nearly reached the shore , that’s where the dream ended as I reached the shore the last thing I can remember was the sound of the waves next to me and then that’s where the dream ended and I woke up ”
Al looks at jake with a look of confusion and scratches her head and looks at the sand ” do you think that maybe that wasn’t a dream but a memory and you was recalling it ” jake looks at her with amazement and shock ” did you read that from one of your magazines or was it something you Learnt from teaching ” . Al read it in a magazine but she wanted jake to think it was something that she was taught ” yeah it’s something that we had training for ” as she smiles to herself . Jake just looks out at the sea ” if it was a memory then what do you think the men were looking for in the luggage and why don’t I remember washing up on the shore ” , Al looks at him ” I don’t know what they were looking for but can you remember seeing any electrical things in the luggage ” , jake pauses and thinks ” not really the only things I can remember is the dildos but what can we do with them ” Al smiles at jake ” I can think of a few things ” she laughs . Jake put his hands over his face and shakes his head ” I know just what your thinking , but we can’t use them to call anyone ” jake laughs out loud ” a dildoaphone it vibrates when you use the dialling buttons ” Al just looks at Al ” ok we will stop there I think we know where that’s going ” jake bursts in to laughter ” your such a kids at times jake ” as he nods away laughing to himself . Jake had to stand up as he was laughing so much .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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