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Day 7 pt 5

Jake looks at the bottle and sees it is antibiotics ” there are only a few pills but it will do for now ” . Jake takes a bottle of water and two pills , as he unscrews the lid on the water there is a rumbling in the air but this time it’s not thunder but something on the island . He takes a big mouthful of water and drops the pills in to his mouth and swallow and the rumbling continues ” Al can you hear that , do you know what it is ” jake looks up the beach . Al turns to jake ” no what is it , what ever it is it’s getting closer ” as the rumbling subsides and a deathly quite falls on the island , there was no noise ” jake what’s happening I can’t hear the bird of anything , what was that ” jake is still looking up the beach . Al looks in the direction that jake is facing ” what jake what can you see , what is it ” jake just keeps looking up the beach , Al walks over to jake and takes a hold of his hand ” jake what’s up ” as she looks at him she notices that he has not moved at all and she places her hand on his face and turns his head ” jake ” but as she starts moving his head very slowly and gently she sees that his nose has been bleeding and the blood was all down his mouth and chin and was soaking his t-shirt . Al screams as he falls to the sand and a black tar like liquid then start oozing out of his left ear . Al drops to his side and holds his head ” jake , jake ” she takes a deep breath and with all her voice that she can muster she shouts ” if there is anyone out there can you help , please help us ” she looks up the beach hoping to see someone but there is nothing there ” can someone please help us ” jake twitches and he’s nose explode with an eruption of blood , at that moment the rumbling starts again but this time they could feel the ground shake . Al wraps both her arms around jake ” what the fuck is this , help please , can someone please fucking help us ” . Al holds jake as tight as she can ” jake , jake ” . A few minutes pass ,Al can’t stop holding on to jake and as quick as the rumbling starts it fade away and jake wakes from the trance that had taken over him ” Al ” he whispers softly in to her ear as he feels her tears running down his cheek ” Al what happened why am I on the sand and why is there blood on you ” Al lifts her head and wipes the tears from her face ” jake are you ok ” . Jake sits up and looks at Al and looks at his t-shirt ” why is there blood on me ” . Al looks at jake and takes a deep breath ” what happened to you , when we heard the first rumble you turned and looked up the beach and I stood by you and your nose started bleeding and you fell to the floor , can you not remember any of that ” . Jake takes a deep breath and replies ” no the last thing I remember is the rumbling and then waking up on the sand ” .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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