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Day 7 pt 6

Jake rests for a while as Al keeps looking through some of the luggage but she keeps a watchful eye on him . Jake tries to get on to his feet but he feels weak and his legs are like jelly , he tries a second time but this time he manages to get to his feet ” jake what you doing sit and rest we have a long walk back to the cave , or shall we stay here tonight ” jake looks at Al ” no we will go back to the cave but I can’t just sit here and do nothing let me help ” . Al walks over to jake and looks him in the eyes ” you will be able to help when we are ready but for now please rest I don’t want anything to happen on our way back , now I have said that you will sit down I’m just over there so don’t worry ”
The day soon turns into the twilight and the sun starts to get lower in the sky , jake and Al are ready to start there trek back to the cave . Al walks over to jake ” ok baby I’m ready do you want a hand up ” as she places her hand out to help him up to his feet ” thank you baby ” jake takes a hold of Al’s hand and starts to lift himself up of the sand but as his legs have to stretch out and the blood pumps back to his feet he get a tingling down the back of his legs ” are you ok to walk ” . Jake takes a few steps ” yeah I think so ” . Jake puts an arm around Al and they walk towards the bags that Al has set aside for the cave ” I think I have got as much as I can in them , will you be ok to walk to the cave with some stuff , as I can’t carry it all ” .
No sooner that they start there walk back jake finds himself starting to walk a bit slower then what Al was ” Al can you slow down please I can’t walk as fast as you can at the moment ” Al looks over her shoulder at him ” come on slow coach ” she said as she starts to laugh ” what you laughing at ” jake said , ” I’m not used to saying that ” . Al stops so that jake can catch her up . The sun starts to kiss the ocean the couple have been walking for about an hour and were half way to the cave , they find themselves getting tired and hungry ” shall we stop for a few minutes ” Al asked jake ” I don’t think we should as the sun is setting and it will be dark soon ” Al nods at jake ” ok but we should hurry up then we don’t want to get caught in the dark we don’t have any torches with us ” the closer they got to the cave the slower jake was getting as he had never told Al that his head felt like it was going to explode and his body was burning up , if it wasn’t for the cooling sea breeze his cloths would be soaked in his sweat . ” jake I can see the cave ” Al points up to the cave ” look can you see it ” , jake nods but he could not see it he was struggling to Al , his vision was getting more and more distorted and blurry as his head was pounding and the more he walked the more pain he found himself in , but he was not going to let Al know as she would worry .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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