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On a bus

I want to run my finger through your hair while we wait
While we wait for that bus oh god it is late
I look in your eyes ,the same thought we have had
We pass the time ,and you will be mine
Time it slows down as my hands run around
Im touching you softly as our hands fool around
Your hands are inviting as you undo my pants
I can not contain it as the end give a glance
My hands move around under your shirt
I find your bra strap and i undo it before it starts to burst
You start to breath quicker as my fingers find your tits
I slide my hands under the cups as you breath
Your breasts are and nipple hard for me
I want to cup them as place in my mouth
Your breasts are so beautiful i think it a must
My heart is keeps pumping and legs start to shake
I think i cant hold it ,i want you so much

I hear something i think its the bus
We don’t want to stop dam this late bus
I do up my trousers ,you pull down your bra
You look at me knowing that this is not done
You wink and you walk to the bus, while you wiggle you bum
We get on the bus and walk to the back
You look at me and whisper , i like upstairs i think there is no-one
We sat down on the top deck and your hands come alive
You look at me willing as you pull down your tights
Your hands are heavy as you pull on your thong and tear at the fabric ,omg this is not wrong

You place my hand as it trembles away ,on to your hot private parts
I can fell you heat rising up out of your lips as my finger starts exploring around your moist clit
I can feel you heart beating as my hand holds you beast
Your loving this feeling ,you say in the best
Your hips are rolling away in my palm , i slide in one finger and you let out a grunt
I can feel your walls tensing from inside you i feel
You unzip my trousers and reach in and grab
You pull out my man piece and start a sort rub
Im now trembling away in you hands , as things pass us by as we are traveling past
The feeling of you stroking my man wood is bliss
I want to be inside you right here on this bus
But now we are cumming you lift up your top
As i start squirting all over your bust
I can feel you body tensing as you start to cum
Your body is trembling and your hips start to shake
Your let out a scream as you hold on to your knees
You bite on to my jacket as the feeling is too much
I keep on fingering and massaging your crutch
Once you finished cumming we get ready to get off
As the bus has reached its final stop

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i stop and stare for i am lost and bare

never know what in front and showing

the trees are they look as i walk on by

i want to stop and stare cry

for that time i was ,that time i might

i live this life in the light

i stop and stare at the grass and leafs

i wonder if its my time to leave

for the pastures are lush and my cheeks are to bush

never wanting never will there are times for us for thrilling

the lights are dipped the the fruits are ripe

i find the way to toil and strife

myth of fun and can be found when we plant our feet on the ground

you can stop and stare if you like take in time and find your might

power comes from with in so let us fly and shine with in




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i write because i enjoy to , i may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but i feel that my work is personal to me its a was to express how i feel and what day in having

i write cause its always something i have wanted to do and i do understand that my spelling and wording is more often then not wrong , well i do have learning difficulty and dyslexia

i hope that my followers like what they see i love having an friends and fellow blogger . We are a good community of people who have a way of words

well i thought i would just clarify with some people why my writing is quite bad but to be honest you can take it how ever you want .

i have a good family of fellow bloggers who can rise above anyone disability how big or how small that’s why we love to blog

like i said when i started this blog ,i am a beginner to all this and i wanted to share my book i am writing for my wife with the rest of the world

the poetry well that’s also a love of mine i know some has no flow but what in life has any real flow i do my poetry as a love for words i like the way you can say so much in just a few words

well that’s a bit about me and why i do what i do

well i would like to thank all my followers and people who have liked what i write and my blog and i would like to say thank you to my fellow blogger who give us inspiration everyday
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i see the wind blow through the trees like nature taking a breath

the trees they sway back and forth like a pendulum of a grandfather clock

the grass it craves the moisture of the wind like warm breath passing past my lips

the leaves they waves as the passing wind bellows through the branches

 with each breeze nature takes another breath

deep and long each breath it flows

like a river of air who know where it goes

the trees breath with the greatest of ease

a breath that clean and flows to please

natures breath just passing the lips it give us life it takes the night

nature breath is slow and fast is passes through the unruly grass


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the clouds are slowly from white to pinky white

the tempreture is dropping and the water turns to ice

the sunlight is now dimming as the clouds start to roll in

the rain begins to fall and freezes as it lands

the rain turns into ice and hail has now fell

the clouds are getting thicker and the birds huddle in for sleep

As the air is getting colder the snow begins to fall

white crisp petal of snow slowly kissed the world

the snow was so quite like whispers in the wind

as the snow got thicker a blanket it will form

the snow lays thick on the trees the ground and the walls

the animals are hiding as winter sets in

the whirly winter winds whip up the laying snow it lays on all it can from trees to frozen ponds

the snow is laying thick it covers all you see

a frozen winter wonderland as far as eyes can see

 as the snow it hits the rooftops it melts where it lay

as the water runs of the rooftops where it lays it form natures lolliepops

the winds are getting colder and the snow lays on the roof

the crisp white passion of winters white cool glow  

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a tear that falls is simple and soothing

a tear that falls is warm and majestic

a tear that falls is happy for days

a tear that falls sadness that you don’t want

weather its happy or sad that tear will never be mad

it spent it time deep within your mind

it makes it way when you try to wake

it likes the way your head shakes

when you laugh it finds a way

to you happiness for that one today

when your sad it holds you close

the time has come to say good bye as you wipe that tear and it will dry

that tears was your and your it will be

as it runs down your face to see

that tear is quite and will patiently wait

for its time to stir and wake

it life is short but pure its seems

as that tear will see through my eyes at me

it may be accompanied by it friend to be but that tear is mine a mine for me



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Under pants

my under pants are riding up high on my waist

my under pants are riding my bum it likes the taste

my under pants are riding for this now you can see

my under pants are riding oh my there inside me

my under pants are riding a thong now i have got

my under pants are riding a sumo i will be

my under pants are riding they not holding now there be

my under pants are riding and now i need to tear them off of me  

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The time is swallowing the space around

the fire will eat the clouds that was

my eyes open to play in pieces

people in time and space between the days

clean water for the clouds to fight against their own hands

water flows through their bodies like love

colour faded away from home in a river

travelling in my mind was just as confusing

for this is not only the birds summer but the summer of nights

mirrors of rain on my mind was not only the reflection

power over all things in the sun was not possible for us

first time since we started now we finish

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i wonder the woods looking for some where to sleep

there’s nothing around me nothing but trees

the darkness it falls like the wave washing on the shore

where can i sleep i no not more

my eye become tired and my head is weak

there is nowhere for me nowhere to sleep

i look at the branches the leaves they lay still

it all looks enticing but i can find soul

my body is weak i cant lift my feet

i must a place to rest my beat

my heart it slow as the wind pass through

where shall i go i need to find you

i lost in the darkness where no light goes

i find a place where no one will go

i cant go on now this much is said

i need to lay down now and rest my wearying head

i come to a clearing where the trees are no more

i find a grassy patch where there is no stone no more

i lay myself down for the sleep i must need

i close my eyes and rest to the sound of leaves

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Story never told

we will never know of a sorry not told

of things gone passed but never been asked

we shall not see what may be

for now was then ,and then well see

the story not told was a man so bold

who had fortunes and wealth and riches untold

he had no family he had no friends

so no one knew how he saved the world

he had no princess and he had no pets

for this was the life of a medieval vet  

for this man he was no bright but he always put up a good fight

he was always loyal this much was true

but no one knew him for he was a loose screw

a bit of a wild card he lived here a far

this man never wanted for he had no time

he was always appointed this man from a far

no greater person for they never seen

this man had a story of his missing queen

as he got older his life became tame

 he moved to the woods where he took all the blame

the villagers in the country was not able to leave

the village in the sky surrounded by trees

the man was a good man a goof it would seem

he love all the creatures even the trees

but his story not told of a man a vet who never got old

how he saved the world from a legend so bold

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