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Day 7 pt 8

Al looks in the bags to finds something to eat forgetting that there was some dried pork hanging on the walls but as she rummages through the things she find something that jake and herself was joking about only this morning , but as she pulls out the long rubber shaft I like object and places it down on another bag and keeps looking to find some thing and at the bottom of the bag she find a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps ” ahh this will do , I’m sorry jake but I will save you some chocolate ” . The chocolate is Al’s favourite it’s milk chocolate , she can’t stand dark chocolate and the crisps are prawn cocktail , not one of the best but she was hungry . Al started with the crisps as she wanted to save the best for last but when she finished the packet she longed for more but there was no more . Al slowly opens up the chocolate bar and takes a deep breath with her eyes closed she could taste the sweet chocolate melting on her tongue , as the first block touched her tongue her mouth started watering and with every bit she found herself with an uncontrollable desire and a thirst that the chocolate was giving . The more of the chocolates she lovingly pasted her gums the more love she had felt inside her but the chocolate was only giving her a warming sugary love but she was finding herself wanting more , but what she wanted she could not get . Al wanted the love that she felt with jake , but in his weakened state it was not very tempting so she looked round the cave and the things that they have got from the beach . There was one thing in her eyes that looked very intriguing , but Al had never used one before . Al slowly crept across the cave on her knees to the bag where she put the rubber toy . Al looks at it and thinks to herself ” I have never used one of these before I wonder what it’s like ” . Al reaches over and picks up the long rubber shaft with one hand and takes a long look at it ” I wonder what it’s like “


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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