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Day 7 pt 9

She finds herself looking at the sex toy for a while wondering and thinking , jake is deep in dream world ” I don’t think he will wake up and there is no one around it should be safe ” . Al lays down and slowly lifts her skirt , she looks at the toy and flips the switch , it starts vibrating in her hands ” wow that’s powerful ” , she pulls down on her top exposing her bra and with her free hand she reaches in to it and cups her soft supple breast and lightly lifts it out . When her nipple hits the air it stands erect , her soft breast tingles in the air and as a breeze blows through the cave goose bumps just make her nipple even more excited . She holds her breast Giving it a gentle squeeze and places the toy lightly around her hard nipple , as the vibrations pulse through the soft skin she finds herself taking deeper breaths and with every breath would make her more and more excited and her vagina was starting to ready it’s self as the heat from inside her was causing her knickers to get wet ” omg this toy has got me so excited I think it’s time for an experiment ” . Al looks over at jake he is still asleep and snoring away . Al stands and pulls her knickers down with one hand and the toy is still tightly clutched in the other , as her knickers fell to the floor , she take one leg out and spaces her legs apart just enough so she could put her hand over her vagina and lightly run her lips and feel the warmth and moisture from within . The more that she stroked herself she could feel the blood pulsing through her clit making her tool her hips in a way that drove jake wild . Al was starting to tingle and her skin was trembling as the cool breeze gently kisses her the inside of her thighs and caresses her moist vagina . Al sits down next to the fire keeping jake in her sight not just to see if he wakes but she ls hoping that he might catch her and join her , the more she feels the vibrating toy in her hand the more that it’s exciting her ” well here I go I think ” . Al places the you lightly against her throbbing lips and the toy starts working it’s magic on her clit , ” wow oh my god that’s good ” she can feel every vibrating pulse surging through every nerve ” fuck , fuck , fuck ” she felt like someone had removed everything and exposed every nerve in her body . The vibrator was her new found lover as it could do something so much in such a short time , her body just wanted to explode ” oh my I haven’t even got it inside me yet and I feel like I want to cum already “


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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