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There is always the moon and always the sun
You can either walk or to run
People they come and people they go
But my love for you will never go
Each day getting greater , each day getting brighter
My love for you makes me a fighter
I will never give up , and never quit
I will hold your not just for a bit
The warming touch you give make my heart melt
Love like this should always be felt
I will hold you tight in my warming embrace
We will gaze at each other as time flys by
With a love ever growing it will never die
I look in your eyes getting lost as I stair
For home is with you nothing else can compare
For my life is with you , I will always be there
Let’s get lost together , we hide from the world
We will never get cold for our love is warming
Now let’s grow old
We can sit on a bench and watch the duck
Or shall we stay at home and run a muck
I will love you forever now let just rest
For being with you is always the best



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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