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Day 7 pt 10

As the tip of the toy massages her moist entrance she could feel the vibrations deep inside her ” ok here we go ” . Al slowly pushes it deeper inside her and pulls it out so just the tip stays inside her but when she pushes it back inside jake stirs and rolls over to face her but he never wakes and just keeps snoring . Al just can’t stop now the deeper she pushes it in the more that she craves the tingling mind melting orgasm that will come . Al works her hips to the movement of the toy working her clit as well as feeling the toy deep inside . Al try’s to keep her moans quite but the faster she moves the dildo the more she wants to scream . The toy has made her so wet she could feel her juices running out of her , Al pulls the toy out of her and is is now caught up I’m her own moment of Ecstasy and places her fingers inside and moves the toy over her nipple and down her body and back inside her , Al wants to cum and licks the finger that she has just had inside her and bits down just enough to put teeth in the skin , her whole body starts to tremble uncontrollable and she sucks her finger and move the toy deeper and faster inside her . Her body want to explode and she can’t control her moans as she lets out to with a few high pitched screams and her vagina closes around the toy as if it don’t want to take it prisoner and she the tighter it grips it the deeper the vibrations are and just drives her wild . ” oh fuck I’m going to cum ” but with every roll of her hips was causing the toy to stroke her g-spot and she had a feeling like she wanted to pee but she battles through the feeling and keeps jabbing to rubber sword and thrusting her hips till she climaxes and find her body letting out a bomb sized orgasm and she squirts a clear liquid that came with the orgasm but this was no ordinary orgasm she could not control any part of her and her body just melted and as the orgasm subsides she found herself with a satisfying feeling that she had cum and her body was over whelmed ” oh my oh my god fuck , fuck , fuck . I can’t believe what I have just done ” she lays back on the cool sand and slowly strokes her chest and down her belly and over her vagina but the slightest touch to the softness of her moist lips was too much and it made her whole body convulse in wave after wave of pure bliss .
After the long day she has had and the mountain of an orgasm she found herself so tired to keep open her eyes any longer so she crawls over to jake as snuggles in behind him and wrapped her arms around him and before long she found herself drifting off in to a well deserved sleep and the sound of the crackling fire was soothing and mesmerising and peaceful . As she fell into a deep sleep the peace of the island was broken and a storm washes up and over the island and the night sky is full of claps of thunder and lightning kissing the tallest hills , as the storm starts to pass and the rain stops but the lightning continues there are noises out side the cave. Jake and Al did not know that there had been a storm as they were deep asleep . The storm went rumbling for a few hours and as it came to the end in the last flash of lightning a figure was stood at the mouth of the cave watching the couple sleeping .


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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