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The journey

When the darkness fall there will be no light
Nothing will stir not even the night
The lands are sleeping and the animals too
Nothing is awake it’s just me and you
For there is no time when I’m in your arms

You will keep me safe from the whisper in the night
Now that the sun is rising the whispers subside
Quietness fall and the land comes alive
For now there new treasures in this land that we found
In a land for me and you with the trees golden brown

The mornings are bright for this a good sight
We will journey together and put up a fight
Now that the sun is burning high in the sky
I shall run and take flight with you by my side
Sawing above the lands of green
We will render this world for just you and me

We will fly through the clouds and never look down
For you are my swan ,loving and proud
The journey is ending we start coming down
For the sun is now setting and sleep times come round
Our feet hit the floor we can fly no more
We will rest our wings for the journey and more

For the sun has gone down and the moon has come up
The lands has gone quite and sleep is for thee
You lay here next to me as we as we rest our tired head
Out eyes start to close for bed time has come
And I will be resting for you here my Hun

Dreams are upon us and yet we done care
For you can sleep deeply with me in your arm
In my dreams you will stay till daylight will come
I will see you tomorrow for now I’m am done


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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