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A time gone past

Let us talk of a time gone past
Where there are knight that kill dragons
And potions made from grass
There where spices and wishes
For all that would see
Fortunes were told by sands in the wind
And people so poor they couldn’t afford to grin
The plague would kill and things would smell
And wash in a stream for all to tell
We can look out the window and over the roofs
To see castles and fires and maybe Robin Hood
Kings of old who would chop off your head
A jester who could make the crowd beg
There laughter and cheers would fill the air
As they would entertain us with song and care
The bread was stale and the food was bad
But we would meet in the village and sneeze and bare
Diseases were cured by leaches and such
Most men walked around scratching there crutch
The potions why made were magic for all
When the spices the smoked would make them feel old
Magic was good it would fool who would see
Like the wizards of old there time was spent
Advising the king and knights and the dukes



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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