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Down by the fire

I kiss your neck it’s electric
Our mouths touch it’s bliss
Our fingers link as our body’s meet
For this is how you turn me as I link my feet

You bite my lip and I have no control
You say those word I have longed to hear
Our heart race as things we pick up the pace
Your legs shake as you can’t wait

We start to undress as the room heats up
You lay on the floor and I close the door
The fire it burns as the flame take there turn
To feel the passion as our body’s turn

I stoke you leg and you start to beg
I want to feel you next to me as it’s said
I know that I’m ready but bows not the time
For my tongue wants to taste you from now till all time

Our love is undying for all of time
As we make love I can’t help to think
That when we are together I don’t want to blink
We will stay like this forever as our heart beats as one
Our body’s move together for this it how loves done

We hold each other tightly I can’t let go
My body is warming as the fire glows
Now that it’s over a cuddle to have
We fall asleep together in more dreams that we’ll have


im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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