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A rose song

I once saw the light the light of your love
The love that shone bright like a white dove
I craved the feeling the feeling you gave
That day that you came and once again you saved
I still see you love and the that love is still bright
I will hold it with all my might
My cravings are tamed as like a drug it was my high
A high that given with your beautiful smile
As time went by my love it climbed to the highest mountain to saw and fly
You given me flight like a bird I will see
You never gave up , never gave up on me
Through thick and thing you still make me sing
A sonnet of love that you bring
I love you so much I would use the world voice
To sing you a love song , a love song so true
I would serenade you darling with a love so true
This love song I have written , written for you
The words they are soft and like a rose for you
You can hold it close it’s just for you



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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