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Is is a meeting of a couple who meet and feel and instant attraction and the lust takes over

-Our eyes connect and the passion flys
-We find our selves drawn to the sent of lust
-Our hands meet our hearts skips a beat
-My hands tremble as they touch you skin
-My legs shake as you run your hands down my chin
-I roll my eyes as you bite my ear
-I gently caress your body exploring every soft and supple inch
-Your hand quiver as the static builds as you slowly remove your cardigan
-The hair on my neck stands on end as a breeze passes and aroma of your perfume stimulates my senses
-You push my up against the wall I a fit of ecstasy knocking painting off the wall
-As I roll you on to the wall the feel of the cold concrete chills your skin creating excited goose bumps
-You grab my hands and pull them over my head
-My breath deepen as the excitement kings to every nerve
-I free one hand and gently stroke over your chest and down your belly and round your belly button
-You let go of my hand and grab the bottom of shirt with both hands pulling it apart and the buttons fly through the air like cupids arrows
-I grab my shirt and In a lust filled frantic motion I pull it over my shoulders and down my arms and throw it on the floor
-You pull me close wrapping one leg round my waist holding me tight as our naked flesh heats up the room
-Our heart unite and beat as one , as I feel you hips rolling to beat of our lust filled song
-I hold my breath as you leg drops and you start pulling on my belt



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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