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We put one foot forward and one foot back
Move our waist , and shimmy our bodies
Left foot left and the other one follows
To the beat of the dance

The feet are moving , in time to the beat
Roll our shoulders and swing our hips
Never talking just a swaying in time
Till the dance has finished and you are mine

They move so softly as the music starts
Like love making with a song you know who you are
The beat is fast so don’t you stop
You will dance as hard as a beating clock

The music it stops and we still sway in time
For now the songs over I think that your mine
People are leaving and the party is done
We look to the people as they walk out the door
I take your hand softly we still want more

It’s time for a taxi for the night is still young
I can’t help but walk you as the party is done
We leave the dance floor to the beat of our heart
We take a long walk just you , me and no more

We find ourselves talking about the night that we had
Walking along holding hand in hand
We walk along the beach to hear the pebbles on the shore
You want to go swimming on that cold night
The water is chilling as it touches our feet

For now that it’s cleansing as the sand touches our feet
The water keeps rising as I feel the sand weep
There’s a chill in the air as a breeze hits you hair
Shall we go home now for I feel so bare

The walk home was long but time passed us by
The doors swing open and a warmth there we feel
As we start undressing and our cloths they all fell
We walked to the bedroom with no cloths to be had
The bed is inviting and the cover are clean
Won’t you come lay here , lay here with me



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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