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Girl of the night

Your kiss is inviting , your lips are enough
To drive me wild , wild with lust
Your skin is soft and so is your touch
Your scent is erotic , I feel like I could to bust
In the shower , now you are a must
The beads of water they caress your wet bust
As the breeze sweeps in and around the room
Your nipples they stand to and so do I too
The water it runs down from your back to you feet
I want our body’s to intwine as they meet
I can not take it as our skin starts to meets

I thought I would be frightened but now you are mine
Your breast press against me now I want you too
My hands are exploring down on your waist
Pulling you close , now I need to taste
Our hips are now meeting like ships in the night
You wrap your legs round me pulling me tight
I want you so dearly as you hips start to thrust
Our body’s together I love our sweet musk
Our body’s perspiring as we come as one

I have never felt this feeling , like we had that night
It continues for ever like like stars in the night
I want this to last , she whispers that’s night
I can’t let go to that girl of the night
I want you forever , now will you be mine
Only if you marry me for now and all time
Our body implode as we thrust back and forth

We are lost in the moment as life has no cost
The feeling of bliss is explosive every time we kiss
May we be here forever as now we are together
We maybe two people but now we are one
Together in love and body
We shall bind our lives together and do things as one
Not that I have found you that one steamy night
Our love is eternal bound by that night
Just me and my girl of the night



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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