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As the sun beams down on me
I heard nothing just the birds and bees
I see the sheep dance there in the fields
With nothing to do nothing to wield
The meadow it glistens as the dew starts it’s rest

The sun is still beaming and works to be done
The farmer is tending and he is not glum
The cows in the barn for they know the time
The gates are now open for them to dine

The ducks are waking giving there tails a wiggle
Then the dash to the pond before the bread to weather
The farmer is happy for the day is bright
He tends to the field with all of his might

He jumps on his tractor with a field on his mind
He revs up the engine and starts on his way
To plough up the fields and bail the hay

Lunch time is coming and the animals feed
The farmer sits down on an old dirty bench
He opens a sandwich and makes a warm brew
Looks to the farm and this much is true

It a lovely day I wish it was with you
He looks at the bench and wipes off the plaque
On the plaque is a name and he smile
I love you and you love me too

He smile and looks back over the farm
Wipes of a tear and heads to the barn
Looks back at the bench and raises his arm
” this is for you babe , I miss you so much “



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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