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You lay on the bed still naked and wet
Fresh out of the shower not ready for bed
The water is running down your breasts as you lay
For this sight is entrancing and there is nothing to say

You sit up and flick you hair back and forth
Running you hands up your leg and sorts
The water is soothing for here it will dry
You close your eye and here you will lye

Your hands they will tremble as you skin you will touch
It’s warm and cold now your hands need to be told
For cupping a breast will never get old
Your cupping and stroking and your hips start to roll

For your other hand trembles and it’s feeling so bold
It strokes down your body and stops at your hips
For this is the place where for fun and trick
You hand it quaking as it starts to move

Over your pubic hair and down your moist grove
The feeling excites you as your fingers they slip
Gently run and stroking , now what have they found
The tiniest of nerves now that it feel good
Just inside the labia inside the hood

Things are now heating as your fingers move round
You body it tingles as the floor has no ground
You insert a finger in your moist tight cave
Your feeling horny and this is brave
You insert another as your body explodes

In a mound of explosions that are made for you
Your head is spinning and your legs they shake
For now it all over and you want to rest
You body still pulsing as you lay on your side
You bite your lip as you shut you eyes



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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