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A bit of fun

Woke up this morning and all I could see you standing there looking at me .
Tall and bold , strong and proud .
Talking to me softly never out loud .
I tried to roll over to get away from you .
But you just followed and you hurt me too .

I couldn’t lie on my belly or back .
For you always stopped be by never laying down flat .
I tossed and turned but this feeling won’t go down
For all you did is stand there and grow .

When I look down all I could see .
Is a teepee , totem pole , the morning wood tree .
I can’t lay here for ever waiting .
for you to pass I don’t want to be late .

As I get up it’s worse now you’ll see .
Omg it hard and dam I need to pee.
I walk to the toilet and your wagging at me .
Like a dog on heat , and dam i need pee .

This a morning ,a morning you’ll see when a man wakes up .
And pitches a teepee .
The good morning wood when you are first awake .
Dam that feeling is hard to shake .



im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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