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i will not blink .i will not blank

for my time is worth more then any bank

people say that time will fly by

only time has the power to fly

you can spread you wings and learn to fly

for if we fly to high time will go by

passing us by from underneath

the world will look small from outer space

now take my hand there no need to fight

for the world is big enough for us to be

now take my hand for this flight

i will hold all through the night

in dreams we pass from world to world

and see lost cities of gold

you can take my heart and put it with yours

now we will fly through space and time

i will hold you close there’s no time to waste

we will fly to the moon and back

we will fly through the clouds like great white bats

blinded by love we shall not see

the people will cheer us as we come to rest

transparant lovers with big hearts in out chest

people see though us but our hearts beat as one

 now lets go flying we will fly to the sun

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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