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Day 8 pt 1

As morning came Al was first to wake , she was staring at jake as he slept . After a few minutes she sat up looking out the mouth of the cave and looking at the blue sky and the occasional cloud as it went past . ” well today is another lovely day in paradise ” she said to herself . Jake rolled over and let’s out a deep breath and fell back to sleep , ” jake I’m just going for a wee be back in a min ok ” . Jake raises his hand and covers his eyes . As Al walks to the mouth of the cave she wonders what today will bring ” jake will be ok for a few minutes , I really need to go ” she walks around the side of the cave to the grassy patch just before the tree line and looks around ” well I can’t see anyone ” . Al  squats in the tall grass which is knee length and pulls her knickers down to her knees  , no sooner that she starts she could hear something in the grass . Al stops and pulls up her knickers and stands up to look around ” hello is anyone there ” . The island is silent as most things haven’t woke up yet . Al can’t hold it much longer she drops her knickers and continues ” ahh that’s better , I needed that” . She reaches over to the nearest tree and pulls off a leaf and wipes herself and starts walking back to the cave

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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