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your body starts to tingle , as my fingers find your clit
your body is excited , your hips begin to roll
i can feel you getting wetter , im excite you can tell
i cant help but get that feeling , your excite here as well
your hand start to move , they are warm on my throbbing wood
you start to stroke away for me ,as i undo your bra
your breasts are soft ,your nipples are hard as you bra it hits the floor
my brain cant take it as my body is wanting more
i want to be inside you, i cant take it no more
you push me on the bed sheets as my hand run down your chest
my fingers cant stop moving as the meet you supple seat
you body cant stop moving , like this is meant to be
i can feel my fingers inside , and you count to me
i want to feel you inside me ,now get on top of me
You lay down beside me , and nothing is shall be said
you pull me so im on top of you ,and you reach down to my dick
i want you inside me , as she rolls her hips in time
my end it slide inside of her and our bodies are now one
as we move in time ,as our bodies start to sweat
you body start to tremble , as love that we have made
you pull me in ,and hold me tight , as your body starts to moan
our love that we are sharing is exciting
as our bodies move in time , it slides deeper inside
now that the gods have bound we cum together
now the world is united , as love has made us brighter
we will hold each other tightly ,as the stars they crossed the room

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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