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Story never told

we will never know of a sorry not told

of things gone passed but never been asked

we shall not see what may be

for now was then ,and then well see

the story not told was a man so bold

who had fortunes and wealth and riches untold

he had no family he had no friends

so no one knew how he saved the world

he had no princess and he had no pets

for this was the life of a medieval vet  

for this man he was no bright but he always put up a good fight

he was always loyal this much was true

but no one knew him for he was a loose screw

a bit of a wild card he lived here a far

this man never wanted for he had no time

he was always appointed this man from a far

no greater person for they never seen

this man had a story of his missing queen

as he got older his life became tame

 he moved to the woods where he took all the blame

the villagers in the country was not able to leave

the village in the sky surrounded by trees

the man was a good man a goof it would seem

he love all the creatures even the trees

but his story not told of a man a vet who never got old

how he saved the world from a legend so bold

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im just starting on my writing journey still finding my ground hoping to get noticed in the writing world

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